Divine Whispers

Hi Everyone,

I know I've posted a lot of videos recently and I also know from the very kind feedback, that people are gaining some benefit from them and I’m soooo happy about that! However, as a writer, I always have a deep longing to find the time to explore, express and channel Divine Consciousness in  written form. So I just wanted to share something I received recently as I connected to Source, during a deep meditation on the nature of “the cost of revealing the truth of our lives at all costs.”

A lot of us have been going through some very BIG changes recently, and have been tested, and challenged to grow rapidly, and to quickly learn to embrace new paradigms about how to find true peace in our lives. Being forced to suddenly reassess our priorities continually in this incredible process of unravelling, is just another symptom of the tremendous evolutionary shift that’s currently gathering momentum on the planet and reverberating throughout the cosmos.

Many of us will find that because of the intense karmic clearing we have chosen to carry out in this lifetime, on behalf of ourselves, our families, our soul groups and humanity as a whole, our lives are in a constant state of revealing, as layers and layers of illusion and old, worn out, crystallised programming begin to fall away to reveal - sometimes in a slightly scary way – (LOL) our emotional nakedness and our exhilarating spiritual potential, all at once. It’s a bitter-sweet bliss, a double-edged light-saber. Thanks so much for sharing the journey!  Enjoy...

Divine Whispers
When you are broken
It is I who will come in through the cracks
... to mend you
It is I and I alone who can do this
 I am the light you seek
And even in your brokenness
You are always aware
That it is only your longing for me
That has caused you to shatter

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Accepted with Love and Gratitude!