Spiritual Awakenings and Upgrades!

Hi Everyone,

As I may have mentioned in my last newsletter,  I was asked, earlier this year,  by my lovely friends Liz Dean and Jayne Wallace, to write a short passage about my experience of spiritual awakenings and upgrades, for their book,  44 Ways to Talk to Your Angels. I was so honoured to be asked to write something for this beautiful book, and even writing about these experiences felt like another mini-awakening in itself. It brought me to a place of such deep gratitude, as I realised how blessed I am to have had these experiences and a glimpse of the precious creative and spiritual gifts they bring.

So, before I leave you with the passage, I just want to say thank you for all of your love and listening, your sharing and reading of my work and for giving me a reason to be here expressing these truths in this way. I am so eternally grateful for your input, and hope you will continue to enjoy the reassurance and inspiration to be found in the mystery of this ever-expanding non-physical universe of love.  I highly recommend this lovely book, which is just packed with ways to increase your ability to connect with the angels and ask for help in every area of your life.  Enjoy..

I know my guides and angels are taking me to the next level when I suddenly start craving high frequency foods - fruit, vegetables, juices, smoothies, usually for a period of a few weeks (or even months when it's a big upgrade). It's like a period of preparation. I also start drinking lots of water, which I suddenly feel guided to bless. Then, sure enough, within a few weeks, the words start coming in, long passages of text just float into my mind while I'm doing the washing up or just as I'm waking up in the morning, and the communication with my guides and angels becomes clearer than ever. Once the inspiration tap is on, passages of prose, poetry and songs are just swimming around in my mind all day; I can see and feel them all around me in the ethers, and I feel myself being guided so strongly in almost every area of life. My crown feels lit up and the angels start speaking to me constantly in signs, numbers, songs and phrases. It's almost like becoming completely 5th dimensional for a while. It's as if all of this potential has always been there, but it suddenly intensifies dramatically. The 3D world starts to feel weird, and there's often a sudden intense ringing in my ears and head, so I start to actually behave a bit weirdly as well, mid sentence, but this bit doesn't usually last.

I often wake up knowing I've been to other dimensions to study, or travelling around giving healing or teaching, and waking up feeling exhausted is something I've had to get used to. I've found that by working with my 5D team, I can find solutions to most of the disruptions caused by the upgrades. For example, I know how to energetically fill myself up in the morning so I can still do my work, even when I wake up exhausted. I also find that when the inspiration is coming thick and fast I need to meditate more so I can ground myself and keep my energy clear enough to allow the process to flow. It's also nice to stay in communication with my guides and angels to keep the love, inspiration and guidance flowing with more intention and clarity. Sometimes new guides start to appear, bringing more ideas or lifting the work into their higher frequency, and despite any temporary intensity, the bliss from connecting with these beautiful beings always outweighs any disruption. Diane Hall

Excerpt from 44 Ways to Talk to Your Angels by Liz Dean and Jayne Wallace.


Inspiration - The River of Infinite Love

Over the last few days, I've been drawn into contemplating a new perspective on the long dark night of the soul. In search of some reasonable perspectives on the rapid (sometimes painful) and seemingly endless spiritual awakenings of our times, my mind wanders optimistically through a landscape in which great pain always leads to a greater depth of spiritual awareness, compassion and connection with The Divine. Buddhists might refer to this phenomenon as "turning poison into medicine". Oh yes, every healer knows it. Everyone who shines brightly understands the grit that makes the pearl - the pressure that creates the diamond.

Yet, how do we speak of this pain, in these times of positive thinking and 'can do'/'go to'/law-of-attraction-fuelled sunshine and lollipops philosophies, without being considered to be making a virtue of suffering? My guide, Peter, answers with his characteristically generous, ever-loving and endlessly patient tenderness.
"You don't concern yourself with this. You simply speak your truth for those who will hear it and be comforted."

Every artist or mystic knows that sometimes great works of transcendent beauty and depth are the positive by-product of unbearable pain. Pain that was not meant to be borne. Pain that was always meant to be transmuted into something sublime when the bearer could find no other outlet for it. No other source of comfort than 'the everlasting arm', when the back against the wall suddenly sprouts wings and learns how to fly up to Heaven. 

This morning I, once again, hesitated to share these words, for fear of misunderstanding. I then felt myself being slowly drawn into the worlds of Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker, as my guides encouraged me listen to some good music and study their stories again - not as a lifestyle guide but as a reminder of something real and infinitely more eternal than life itself. Well, after a long and delicious detour down YouTube avenue, via 52nd Street (when there were so many other things I "should" be doing with my time) I was reminded by the lives of two of my all-time favourite inspirers that beautiful roses grow even in the stoniest ground and white gardenias cannot be tainted by blood, sweat or tears.

There's comfort to be found in the chaos; there's inspiration hiding in the cracks. Yet, these are the days when a deep and abiding connection with the Divine is discovered far more easily through meditation than by medication. The purest and truest sources of artistic expression are all around us in the form of a multitude of guides and angelic inspirers, if we could only learn how to hear their precious utterances.

How the heck does one describe the experience of receiving these beautiful inspirations and flirting constantly with a gradual merging with God?
Here's my brave attempt.

This poem is for all the beautiful writers, poets, artists, musicians, healers and mystics I am so very blessed to know in this lifetime. Channels of Divine creativity and love, I know what you have given, even when all we see are the results - those timely and much deserved 'overnight success' stories. Even when you have nothing left but those unheard and unfinished symphonies that call to you and tug on your sleeves in the dead of the long dark night, in spite of your daily duties, I see you.

Thank you for the beautiful medicine you have made for the world by transmuting the poison of your pain. Thank Heaven for you! Your time is now. The world is ready for something beautiful.


Hungry for Heaven,
I struggle to describe its truth
Painting pictures with words -
Holograms from my mind -
I bring forth fruits

Longing to hear its music,
I curl into a tune of my own
and offer it up for open ears

And here I go
Searching for love on the dark planet
Endlessly seeking
Angels in clouds
Jesus in shrouds
 Screaming out loud
"I surrender"
I fall in with the sound
 Knowing that
With every drop of be bop
Every comma, colon, full stop
Every waft of heartache
Drum break, remake
I am travelling lighter..

Four to the bar
Leaning in closer
To the endless song

And every ignorance spurs me, gently,
Consequently on.

To deep restoration?
Soul celebration?
Oh, sweet inspiration,
Beyond satiation

Rejection strengthens my complexion
Nothing grates
Nor penetrates
Bemusement waits
In some transcendent state

As if by chance
It draws me in
This incidental reckoning
These God-kissed vapours

I fall, obediently, in

Tumbling deeper ..
Slipping now,
these soporific drips,
into The River of You...


Summer inspiration! - Leaping with Beauty and Grace

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know I've started making videos again so please look out for some lovely meditations coming soon, and later on, I'll be exploring some interesting topics. Please feel free to send me some questions I can answer in video form when I get back on camera a little later on in the year... anything on the subject of psychic development and connecting with angels and guides. 

Well, so many incredible things have happened since I was last recording videos and I have to say, it has been an intense period of creativity and manifestation. More news of that later. So, here we are reeling from an intense full moon that showed us, once and for all, what we can no longer tolerate in our lives. I know from the flurry of emails that some of us are feeling a little shaken and deeply stirred. But it all turns out okay in the end :)

This is, without a doubt, a time of transformation and mini miracles, and it's important for us all to look back over recent years and acknowledge the tremendous change and progress we've seen within our own growth and development. Last week saw me venturing into my first public speaking engagement and loving it! Despite some last minute nerves, once I allowed my guides to step into the fray, it was such a lovely, lovely experience of sharing and connection, enriched by some wonderful questions from a really great group of people.  

So, where am I going with this? Well, for one thing, if you're currently teetering on the brink of a slightly scary decision, I would highly recommend a step outside your comfort zone as soon as possible, especially if things in your life feel stagnant or stuck. Constantly recycling the old energy of our usual old habits and patterns gets us nowhere fast, and sometimes, it's only by stretching ourselves that we ever really get to see things changing. New habits and approaches, new situations always bring fresh new energy and inspiration and there's nothing quite like the sense of achievement we get from pushing ourselves beyond what we thought we were capable of. It's like any muscle, the risk-taking impulse can get flabby and tired but it tones up quite nicely when we allow ourselves to jump in and embrace change... 

After enjoying such a beautiful learning curve, I thought it would be nice to pass on some of the learning and see what the universe might have to say about comfort zones and learning curves. Our lovely astrologer friends and mentors are  already beginning to whisper in excited tones about the impending direct motion of Mars next Tuesday,  and I thought it might be a nice time to, once again, align my reading with the steering of the stars, the mystery of the moon and the motion of the ocean.

So I shuffled some cards and asked, What do we most need to know about the current planetary energies and those oh so cosy comfort zones. How can we find courage to push ourselves more, and to even ask for the opportunities that scare us, especially when we know that the risks will inevitably bring us to our highest good?

The first card I chose was Azure (Messages from Your Angels). This is a reminder that if we are already in the process of manifesting something that really is in deep alignment with our highest good, there is no need to force anything. The excitement and the desire to leap out of our cosy zones will go hand in hand when these precious dreams start to materialise. 

I chose another card - this time from the Power Animals Oracle, and was given, Swan (Grace). This is a reminder that when we move from that place of grace - from that feeling of alignment and rightness deep with our souls - we will always find the courage we need to go forward. The right thing always has its own momentum... because with the right thing, we always know in the moment what we must do. So really, the message here is to flow into action which supports the truest and most exciting dreams we hold in our hearts rather than leaping out of comfort zones just for the sake of it. "scary" soon becomes "exciting" and "nervous" very quickly becomes "I am so, so ready to start, already!"

The next card I chose was Raven (Magic) "OWN Your Own Power" . Well it doesn't get any clearer than that. There comes a time for each and every one of us to step ups and say, "This is who I am and this, I AM that I AM, is the beauty and power of what I bring" 'nuff said!

So let's remember next week and throughout the summer that it's the power of who or what we are that really carries us forward. It has its own momentum, it speaks its own language. It's time to listen to it and follow where it leads. Eventually, it seems, we will find that there's quite simply nowhere else to go!

I chose one final card from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins oracle and the message here was,

 " Break Free - Try different ventures and experiences as a way to grow and learn." There isn't much else I can add to that, except, please feel free to let me know what you intend to change this Summer. How do you intend to stretch yourself? What is that small action you could take right now that could make all the difference? 

Thanks for reading, everyone, and please look out for my new videos on Youtube and remember to subscribe to see the new vids as soon as I post them.

Love and Angel Hugs,


BTW I'm thinking of starting a small, weekly psychic development group later in the year. Please send me a quick message if you'd like to be considered for it, even if you've expressed interest before, please let me know if you're still interested now. 


Inspired Message for Eclipse Season!

Hi Everyone, Just a few quick messages today. First of all, I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I know things are still feeling pretty intense and changeable for most of us but it's important to stay focused on the deeper implications of the inner journey we're all on. In other words, what may feel like another roller-coaster ride, another series of decision-making tensions, or yet another untimely series of revelations, is actually a beautiful and sacred inner journey towards a truer, and more refined personal truth. The squeeze may not always be enjoyable, but the juice will most certainly be a treat, I'm sure of it. 

By now, there's a flavour in the air, a yummy taste of things to come! When it comes to letting go of ideas and things we may have outgrown, it might not always be easy to listen to those deeper inner truths and act on them immediately but what we are learning, in spite of ourselves, is worth more than gold in terms of our personal evolution and self- awareness in the long term. Divine Timing is also always working in absolute perfection. 

At times like these, it's important for us all to remember that we are always learning something, and what we learn at times like these is what we're truly made of. Yet, we need to translate this message into its most loving and enlightened meaning. Be gentle with yourselves, lovely peeps. You are made of love, and this includes self-love. This is my personal message for us all this week. Be gentle and loving towards yourself, no matter what, and notice everything! 

Continuing on the subject of change and transformation, on Tuesday, May 6th, I'll be giving my very first talk! Ever! I'm actually surprised to find myself looking forward to it so much!!! I'll be talking about guides and their importance in our lives, and if there's time, I'll also be sharing some of my own experiences of connection. If you manage to get there, it would be lovely to see you and if I don't cover the things you're really curious about, feel free to come and say hi afterwards and have a quick chat. Just click here to find out more... (Please note the change of date, from May 5th to  
May 12th - due to tube strikes)

Have a lovely gentle week, everyone.


Easter Angel Hug!

Hi Everyone. Happy Easter! Well, I know I've been very quiet recently, continuing the work on my special project and  stripping away the layers behind the scenes, step by step, coming to the highest and truest expression I can possibly embody. I'm sure the same is also true for many of my lovely readers and video viewers out there, and I know it's certainly the case for my amazing students and clients. Since the beginning of the year, the incredible new high frequencies showering the earth have brought us wave after wave of revelation, release and inspiration, mixed in with some great tests of faith and conviction. It really is time to be who we came here to be, continually raising the vibration of the planet by committing daily to the quest for our truest truth. 

So, here at this powerful time of intense astrology, paradigm shifts, growing pains, angelic sightings, karmic recollections, parallel insights and multidimensional awakenings, I thought I'd see what our guides and angels have to offer to shed even more light on this week's intense cosmic line-up with its equally intense insistence on altered consciousness. 

The first card I chose  was Archangel Uriel, a card which reminds us of the ongoing importance of healing any emotions preventing us from stepping onto our true path. For a short while, it might even be necessary to make a regular practice of asking ourselves, just how exactly did we get 'stuck' or lose faith in the most obvious and clear path, the one that's threaded through our bones and calls out to be expressed if we would ever feel whole and complete, bursting with the blessing of a life of joy and celebration.  This is a reminder that the more we ask for help in releasing any karmic barriers or faulty understandings about ourselves, the more we become able to quickly release these untruths and forgive everything that is not resonating with a purer and more expansive quality of love. When are prepared to be this honest with ourselves, no matter what it means, we can often begin to see the wealth of inner and outer resources that will enable us to fully embrace the truth that's been staring us in the face all along. 
 The second card I chose was Omega, the card of victory. This is a reminder that wherever we are in our lives, whatever we think we can or can't do, it is never too late to achieve a victory. Archangel Michael has just said, quite loudly in my ear "NEVER too late" and his words are strongly echoed by the Lords of Karma, so it's probably a good idea to listen. It's time to begin again, no matter what we perceive ourselves to have "failed at" in the past. The opportunities are here NOW!
 The final card I was given was, Celeste. This tells me that for many of us, there will be encouraging news very soon, but only as long as we continue to empower ourselves by applying ourselves consistently to releasing, right thinking and inspired ACTION - or at the very least, focusing on the study, preparation and planning needed to carry out our plans when the energies feel more motivational than reflective. Prepare for bold moves! Our angels and guides want us to know that, yes, we can have that lovely new life, that change of address, that liberation, that new job which fits our hearts or facilitates future plans, that new energy, health, vitality or just that new faith in ourselves which enables us to commit fully and follow through on the correct path. The angels are waiting to assist us and all they need is a word, just a word. 
 Once again, Happy Easter, lovely friends. Thank you for your lovely emails, for sharing your heart's stories and for the light you bring at this amazing time. I hope this special Easter Angel Hug has been meaningful to you. 

Have a wonderful Easter! Wishing you a sacred time, whatever your beliefs, and a precious resurrection of all your hopes and dreams. Wishing you a time of reflection and release and the emergence of a new lightness of heart and mind.

Angel Hugs,


Cards: Messages from your Angels by Doreen Virtue


Spring Equinox Revelations!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all enjoying some exciting early Springtime energies! I know I've been fairly quiet for a while but with good reason. I'm working on something very special behind the scenes, and all will be revealed in time. Of course, along with you, I've also been going through my own shifts and changes of heart and mind. All those wonderfully awakening realisations and epiphanies one can expect in these incredibly revealing times, coupled with a winter of deep soul searching. It has been amazing to see myself slowly being revealed in complete and utter raw truth and being pushed, almost daily into trusting this truth, whatever that may mean.

Every day, we are moving ever closer to living in our essence. This is one of the greatest and most exciting challenges of our times. Let not one of us be fooled into thinking we can avoid these ultimate truths if we are truly to ascend. Of course there will be times when the truth we discover will test us and other times when it will leave us in a state of sheer bliss. Sometimes this joy can only find us when we break old habits, allow ourselves to be broken wide open  and let go of caring about what it means in the eyes of the outside world to be exactly who we are. The heart simply doesn't know how to lie, and the more we live from our hearts, the less capable we become of kidding ourselves or anyone else about who we are. 

So, the message for this incredible approaching equinox, in the aftermath of a very powerful Virgo full moon, is to finally begin to shed, shed shed, all the routines and details in our day to day reality which distract us from our truest truth. The full moon in Virgo said, quite categorically, look across into the mirror and see the glimmer of the echo of the whisper of Pisces, the longing for the flow of the unimpeded God within,  and dispense right now with all that prevents you from becoming your God-Essence, bathing in this flow, divining in each moment the truth of your heart and your purest and best means of creative and personal expression. 

This message came flowing through that very channel, as soon as I threw aside my  mop, bucket and need to label things. My guide told me it was time to "pick up the pen again" :) and I quickly liberated myself and floated into a frenzy of writing and music, sorting through the maze of inspiration and casting aside the need to organise cupboards! Diving into some Solfeggio frequencies during the breaks, and refusing to get drawn into worry.  What a wonderful way to approach the Spring Equinox - with a new determination to step into the flow and see what miracles it brings, without effort or worry..  This will be my own personal new challenge. Will you join me?

I shuffled my trusty cards while asking, "What do we need to know about what to release if we are intent on living in our essence and enjoying the most exciting Spring we've seen for many decades?"

The first card I chose was 'Father Healing.'  and I have to say, this card speaks perfectly to me and to the unconscious  issues so many of my clients have begun working on, over the last couple of weeks. Suddenly, it's all about the Dads and the things we tell ourselves about what they expect or once expected from us and the extent to which we are still allowing these imaginings and shadows to impact on our lives.  So, for those of us who are still holding on to guilt about not living up the expectations of a father or father figure - the person you didn't get to become, the things you didn't get to say, the things you never got to do or anything of that nature. For anyone who is allowing the ghost of their father (literal, imaginary or metaphorical) to dictate (usually completely unintentionally) who they will become, in a way that is unhealthy or undesirable to a blossoming and ascending heart, this is this kind of worry we can definitely release now. 

Our hearts are determined to experience true joy this Springtime, so let's indulge them a bit. Our fathers whichever dimension they currently inhabit would not, in their heart of hearts,  ever wish to see us suffer.  Every generation comes to earth with the soul contract of making things better and evolving humanity through the family or soul group they are attached to. So it's time for us all to assume the very best about what we can do with the power of our own hearts when we decide to grow fully into maturity as our own people. No longer shadows of ghosts but the beings our hearts always intended for us to be.

The second card I chose was Self Forgiveness, so I know that for many of us, this will be the major issue with regard to all those worries, details, distractions, fathers, and anything else that stops our hearts from being heard plainly and with ease. The clock is ticking. It's time to stop waiting to be forgiven and to forgive ourselves on every level possible. To free ourselves from the past and allow ourselves to expand into the multi-dimensional, multi-talented flow that exists beyond guilt and self doubt. Some of us will also need to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we may have made during this recent Winter of self-discovery. It's important to see ourselves as perfect, even when we could have been wiser, regarding our own choices or when we may have been hurt by failing to correctly discern the motivations of others. It's time to let it all go... and let God. Forgive and move on with the wisdom, love and power of the Angels to guide us.

 Well, I was hoping for some nice bright cheery cards with a nice Springtime vibe, to tell us it's all going to be wonderful. But instead, we were given some very powerful and wise cards to tell us it's all going to be wonderful ...as soon as we allow it to be. What could be better than that? Making this kind of progress is far more important than any whimsical platitudes we could be given, after all, when the season has come and gone and there has been no change, we will be looking for someone to blame. Predictions often give us false hopes and remove our motivation to create change ourselves but true healing puts the power firmly back into our hands, just where it belongs!  

Have a wonderful Spring Equinox, everyone! 

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