Spring Equinox Revelations!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all enjoying some exciting early Springtime energies! I know I've been fairly quiet for a while but with good reason. I'm working on something very special behind the scenes, and all will be revealed in time. Of course, along with you, I've also been going through my own shifts and changes of heart and mind. All those wonderfully awakening realisations and epiphanies one can expect in these incredibly revealing times, coupled with a winter of deep soul searching. It has been amazing to see myself slowly being revealed in complete and utter raw truth and being pushed, almost daily into trusting this truth, whatever that may mean.

Every day, we are moving ever closer to living in our essence. This is one of the greatest and most exciting challenges of our times. Let not one of us be fooled into thinking we can avoid these ultimate truths if we are truly to ascend. Of course there will be times when the truth we discover will test us and other times when it will leave us in a state of sheer bliss. Sometimes this joy can only find us when we break old habits, allow ourselves to be broken wide open  and let go of caring about what it means in the eyes of the outside world to be exactly who we are. The heart simply doesn't know how to lie, and the more we live from our hearts, the less capable we become of kidding ourselves or anyone else about who we are. 

So, the message for this incredible approaching equinox, in the aftermath of a very powerful Virgo full moon, is to finally begin to shed, shed shed, all the routines and details in our day to day reality which distract us from our truest truth. The full moon in Virgo said, quite categorically, look across into the mirror and see the glimmer of the echo of the whisper of Pisces, the longing for the flow of the unimpeded God within,  and dispense right now with all that prevents you from becoming your God-Essence, bathing in this flow, divining in each moment the truth of your heart and your purest and best means of creative and personal expression. 

This message came flowing through that very channel, as soon as I threw aside my  mop, bucket and need to label things. My guide told me it was time to "pick up the pen again" :) and I quickly liberated myself and floated into a frenzy of writing and music, sorting through the maze of inspiration and casting aside the need to organise cupboards! Diving into some Solfeggio frequencies during the breaks, and refusing to get drawn into worry.  What a wonderful way to approach the Spring Equinox - with a new determination to step into the flow and see what miracles it brings, without effort or worry..  This will be my own personal new challenge. Will you join me?

I shuffled my trusty cards while asking, "What do we need to know about what to release if we are intent on living in our essence and enjoying the most exciting Spring we've seen for many decades?"

The first card I chose was 'Father Healing.'  and I have to say, this card speaks perfectly to me and to the unconscious  issues so many of my clients have begun working on, over the last couple of weeks. Suddenly, it's all about the Dads and the things we tell ourselves about what they expect or once expected from us and the extent to which we are still allowing these imaginings and shadows to impact on our lives.  So, for those of us who are still holding on to guilt about not living up the expectations of a father or father figure - the person you didn't get to become, the things you didn't get to say, the things you never got to do or anything of that nature. For anyone who is allowing the ghost of their father (literal, imaginary or metaphorical) to dictate (usually completely unintentionally) who they will become, in a way that is unhealthy or undesirable to a blossoming and ascending heart, this is this kind of worry we can definitely release now. 

Our hearts are determined to experience true joy this Springtime, so let's indulge them a bit. Our fathers whichever dimension they currently inhabit would not, in their heart of hearts,  ever wish to see us suffer.  Every generation comes to earth with the soul contract of making things better and evolving humanity through the family or soul group they are attached to. So it's time for us all to assume the very best about what we can do with the power of our own hearts when we decide to grow fully into maturity as our own people. No longer shadows of ghosts but the beings our hearts always intended for us to be.

The second card I chose was Self Forgiveness, so I know that for many of us, this will be the major issue with regard to all those worries, details, distractions, fathers, and anything else that stops our hearts from being heard plainly and with ease. The clock is ticking. It's time to stop waiting to be forgiven and to forgive ourselves on every level possible. To free ourselves from the past and allow ourselves to expand into the multi-dimensional, multi-talented flow that exists beyond guilt and self doubt. Some of us will also need to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we may have made during this recent Winter of self-discovery. It's important to see ourselves as perfect, even when we could have been wiser, regarding our own choices or when we may have been hurt by failing to correctly discern the motivations of others. It's time to let it all go... and let God. Forgive and move on with the wisdom, love and power of the Angels to guide us.

 Well, I was hoping for some nice bright cheery cards with a nice Springtime vibe, to tell us it's all going to be wonderful. But instead, we were given some very powerful and wise cards to tell us it's all going to be wonderful ...as soon as we allow it to be. What could be better than that? Making this kind of progress is far more important than any whimsical platitudes we could be given, after all, when the season has come and gone and there has been no change, we will be looking for someone to blame. Predictions often give us false hopes and remove our motivation to create change ourselves but true healing puts the power firmly back into our hands, just where it belongs!  

Have a wonderful Spring Equinox, everyone! 

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