Unconditional Joy!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!!!

As we've been looking this week at remaining on our path and following through with the intentions we set in motion at the new moon last weekend, I wanted to find another healing suggestion for us to work with this weekend.
So I asked, "What do we need to know this weekend, about anything at all that might be blocking us in manifesting what we desire? What stops us, now,  from going after what we know in our hearts to be the fulfilment of our destiny, and what else do we need to heal in order to fully embrace the path we so bravely carved out in our imaginations when the energies were bright and the air was pregnant with new moon optimism?"  
I shuffled the perfect cards for healing... the Archangel Raphael Oracle Cards, and the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. The first card I was given was 
"Unconditional Joy."

 So, for many of us, there are still issues with allowing ourselves to fully experience great joy on a regular basis - that giddy, fizzy kind of joy that seems all too fleeting at times. These may be feelings of guilt or a lack of self worth or any number of issues bound up in our psyche, which prevent us from fully embracing this precious gift of joyful purpose. The reasons will be different for everyone; it's always the subtle nuances that show us the way to true healing.
So I asked, "In most cases, what is the predominant reason for any limitations some of us might still feel when it comes to seeking out joy and excitement and allowing them in when they arrive to meet us?"
"How can we allow ourselves to fly freely into the path  that we know will consistently bring us into alignment with the most joyous experiences on a daily basis? Why are some of us still so (unconsciously) determined not to have a good time!?"  
I shuffled the Angel Therapy Cards and was given 'Cut Your Chords'. 

So, once again, there are still ties and attachments affecting our thinking and perspectives about what we deserve or how life is supposed to be for us. For all empaths and sensitives (and this probably includes anyone reading this message) a daily practice of cutting chords and re-establishing energetic autonomy is an absolute necessity! Particularly during these times of frequent shifts, and upgrades into ever increasing sensitivity. The vast range of energetic influences we're exposed to on a daily basis can colour our thinking if we're not vigilant, and years spent attaching to people, places and consciousness with a culture of suffering can keep out joy like a raincoat keeps out water . With such a mixed bag of energies and ideas wafting around in the collective field, it's time to reaffirm, daily, that these bonds and creations of the past can no longer have a hold on us! It's time to be drenched in a new consciousness of joy. Let the downpour begin!!!
Find your way to the perfect practice and make this chord-cutting and re-alignment a daily discipline whenever you feel disheartened or start to wonder whether you're cut out for this wonderful new life and this beautiful age of wonder. 
If you feel your mission is to bring joy to others, have faith that this is a very noble mission and try not to question the validity of it too much. Happier people live longer, love more and create kinder societies!

Have a wonderful weekend, Lovely Peeps. 

Angel Hugs will be taking a break for a while, as I commit to getting a whole lot of your questions answered. I haven't managed to do as many of these as I would have liked so far but I'm putting some extra time aside now! So if you sent me a question for your free, personal reading, you might be getting a nice message in your inbox quite soon. :)

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