Divine Presence

When it seems that no one on this Earth can see you
That no one understands this strange creature you appear to have become
No one can comprehend the choices you make
The seemingly insane things you do
The passionate God-starter that you are...

Retreat, withdraw,
Come to me in the silence
And I will hold you there

Do not be resentful
Or angry
Or saddened
Do not feel alone

Celebrate my love
And know yourself as good!
I am threaded through you..

..and one day
Others will want to know how
...and why
And you will show them lovingly..
Where to find me

When they have worn themselves out
With their own self-judgements
And their fear of stillness..
The strenuous circular striving
That keeps them captive in that shell

When they are feeling lost and confused...
Through you and others like you...
I will remind them that you are never lost

Not one of you is ever truly lost


A Pocket Full of Stars

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for all your lovely responses on YouTube and in various other spaces. They're all so MUCH  appreciated and I'm enjoying the interaction a lot! 

So, I just wanted to remind everyone to feel free to post your questions for me or my Guides and The Angels to answer - anything at all connected with learning to communicate with your Guides and raising your vibration to increase your perception of those finer frequencies. We wish to offer the richest and finest opportunities for Divine and Angelic communication within our range of possibility at this time. 

Also, as my newsletter subscribers will already know, I'm currently offering a free mentoring taster session to the person who posts the question that is just so compelling, I have to make it the subject for our next
Q & A video.

So if you'd like a chance to win a mentoring taster session and find out how my Guides and I usually work with some of the most wonderfully intuitive and gifted lightworkers I have ever met, please post a lovely question below. 

Please be over 18 years old and make sure you have internet access and private Skype use for the session.
Closing Date: August 31st 2012.

Now! Here's another of those very special moments I have recently been given in my one of my precious meditations - those Divine whispers; those treasured skips through paradise. :)

Namaste ALL 
and Angel Hugs :)

For a while, I was lost to you
...and you were lost to me.
We lost our sense, and found our senses.
I am back now;
Returned to you
With nothing but a pocket full of stars...
..To remind you of home


Another Divine Whisper

Just wanted to share another Divine Whisper, as I'm feeling such a boost of love, inspiration and reassurance every time I receive one, and I wanted to pass this on to everyone who will feel a resonance at this incredible time of shift! So enjoy, and feel free to share with anyone you know who will also enjoy.

There is only one thing that stands between you 
and your knowing of me
It is what you will choose to do with this moment
Long after you have heard my words and felt my reassurances
...uttered on the wind

Guardian Angel Meditations

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Accepted with Love and Gratitude!