Divine Presence

When it seems that no one on this Earth can see you
That no one understands this strange creature you appear to have become
No one can comprehend the choices you make
The seemingly insane things you do
The passionate God-starter that you are...

Retreat, withdraw,
Come to me in the silence
And I will hold you there

Do not be resentful
Or angry
Or saddened
Do not feel alone

Celebrate my love
And know yourself as good!
I am threaded through you..

..and one day
Others will want to know how
...and why
And you will show them lovingly..
Where to find me

When they have worn themselves out
With their own self-judgements
And their fear of stillness..
The strenuous circular striving
That keeps them captive in that shell

When they are feeling lost and confused...
Through you and others like you...
I will remind them that you are never lost

Not one of you is ever truly lost


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Love, light & peace

Guardian Angel Meditations

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