Competition Winner and New Moon Manifestations!

Many thanks to everyone who entered the competition to win a free Mentoring Taster Session ..and congratulations Maryanne! 

If you haven't heard it yet, you can hear the question and the channelled response in the video below. 

So what about that New Moon then, huh? Well most people reading this probably know, by now, that the time of the new moon and the following (up to) 14 days or so just after it, are the most fertile days to begin new projects and dream new dreams, knowing that they are more likely to manifest, grow and expand with the waxing of that beautiful big ball. Our September New Moon, in Virgo, which blossoms at 10.11pm EST - Sept 15th /3:11 am GMT - Sept 16th will give us all a big boost in manifesting anything that brings health, healing and truth into the details of our day-to-day experience in one particular area of life. 

To get much more detail about how to manifest specifically and powerfully, according to your sun sign and especially your ascendant, click here and have a look at the blogs that will be posted on New Moon (Lightcast) Day!

With Virgo being the sign of healing and service to humanity, it's also a great time for our world peace meditations and convergences. Isn't it lovely how World Peace Day falls within those 14 days immediately after the New Moon... just saying! God definitely doesn't play dice. LOL. Well... not without knowing the outcome..

Finally, some of you might have noticed that I often launch something new every time there's a lovely new moon... 'a time to sow and a time to reap'...etc. LOL! And speaking of inspired writing, this month, as a special birthday treat, I'll be indulging my passion for inspired poetry by recording some very special videos! 

If you love Rumi poems and Shakespeare sonnets, please click here to subscribe to my Arts Channel, so you'll know when I start uploading these treasures! 

Thanks again to all my lovely subscribers and YouTube friends for all your love, support, lovely emails, kind comments, inspired questions, seeking and searching and for always growing with me in ways that continue to expand my heart more than you can possibly know!

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