A Simple Christmas Wish

Once more dear friends, into our dreams we delve
As we approach the cusp of 2012
Not much these lips could grace has not been said
Or ought this pen could trace has not been read
Yet just for old time’s sake, I’ll share my part
Poured out upon this page, straight from my heart
One simple wish will capture all my hopes
One drop of faith dispense with all these ropes
For those whose courage fails at this last turn
To all whose hearts with sacred fire burn
To all who watch and wait with hopeful breath
To all who seek out life yet laugh at death
To all dear friends whose eyes played out this score
With all my heart, I wish you this and more....
While gladly risking tried and tired clichés
I’ll state it clear and calmly go my ways
By all that lives below and shines above
I wish us all a world that’s run by love

©2011Diane Hall


A Last Minute Christmas Gift!

One of my lovely Earth Angel clients just gave me a great idea by booking this inspired, Christmas gift for two of the people she loves! To do the same for someone you love, confirm your session in the usual way, by scrolling down to the bottom of the 'readings' page and booking the reading of your choice, then email me with your friend's details and any personal messages you'd like me to add to your video gift-card... 

Season's Greetings!


Weather Forecast

Let each rain be a blessing
Let each ray of sun shed light on more loving
Let each wind carry our sails towards home
And let each snow be... just as it will be
Captivating at the first falling silent softness
And melting away when we are truly done with it
...as it always does...
For wind, rain, snow, sleet and even the blessed sunshine
cannot keep us from love
When that truer love calls us on..
After a long night out in the harshest of storms...
...into the kindness and shelter of a long-lost loving truth
Undeniable...and warm...



I wonder what would happen if we stopped trying to define God.
I wonder what might happen if we let go of all our preconceptions and just let God be.
I wonder whether God listens when we waffle... 
Or whether he/she/it just gets on with hearing us ...the way God does...
Through feeling our hearts... not even through telepathy...just through knowing us..
I wonder whether God laughs at our strangeness
The strangeness that makes us think we have to talk to God, that God doesn't already
feel us hear us, see right through us...
I wonder what God makes of it all...
This tendency we have to see ourselves as separate and believe that, that God 'out there' somewhere can somehow be tricked by our fiendish wiliness...
And I smile...
And maybe God smiles too...

There is a purer, truer truth than this
That calls us ever on into its range
A truth beyond what we believe exists
And all the ways we’ve dreamed it far and strange
And all the ways contrived by book or pen
By lazy thought and manufactured game
By reckless-worded fantasy or yen...
It lives its own sweet mystery just the same
And pulls us ever forward through some skies
Away from all deception, foam and fizz
With innocent and optimistic eyes
To see it ...just as IT might dream it is...


Letters to Supernova Cluster-Buster Lightworkers!

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the delay in posting. I've been very absorbed with putting together my new book, Letters to Lightworkers, despite continuing to have a very interesting journey dealing with the intense energies still swishing around on the planet, as burst after burst of light explodes the old 3d frequency and challenges lightworkers everywhere to anchor, anchor, anchor!!! Lol. Forget about your day-to-day lives, forget about your relationships, forget window-shopping at the weekend and try, oh please try, to ignore those bizarre food-cravings...and other assorted ascension symptoms. The birthing of a new age is, what can I tell ya... intriguing! Please have a look at the info below to find out all about that lovely new book, revised, expanded and on my old friend kindle!! :)))

And just one last thing before I go, supernova, cluster-buster, lightworkers!!! As a follow-up to the Cluster-Fukushima post below...how GREAT to be able to say that Germany is phasing out nuclear power!!!! :))) Yes indeed.... the world is changing rapidly before our very eyes. Let's just hope it's love that shifts us the next time our higher, collective mind calls us to make the next most pressing changes! Thankfully the lives of the beautiful souls who took it upon themselves to wipe out centuries of human karma in the Fukushima disaster can now know that their lives have been a gift, not only because they were beautiful souls but because this loss has given birth to such a re-think. What a shame it took such a drastic loss to begin the wake-up call about nuclear power. Let's hope 'the powers that be' will step things up more quickly, and that the rest of the world hastily follows, ensuring that this is the last of these events...ever.

Such is the nature of our amazing times, that we can see such incredible changes in swift sequence. Let's get used to being amazed. But more to the point, let's get used to miracles!!!!

Letters to Lightworkers

 - A beautiful collection of inspired articles, blog-posts, poems and uplifting quotes from novelist, intuitive and channel, Diane Hall, and her Guide 
Peter Elohim -

This book is for anyone who has ever tried to deny their immense knowing and inner radiance in order to fit in.

It is for anyone who has ever wrestled with feelings of uncertainty, discomfort, oversensitivity and an all-consuming desire to make the world a better place.

It is especially for anyone who knows in their heart, despite the cynicism and 'realism' of others, that this kind of huge, evolutionary, global and lasting change is not only possible, but is happening right now on earth!

Your sensitivity as a lightworker has given you many gifts, some of which have been developed over several lifetimes in places which are almost beyond description.  Your acute empathy and your tremendous capacity to love may sometimes feel ill-fitting in a world that values steel over substance, but these are the very qualities you have brought with you into this lifetime, in order to be of the greatest service to a world that needs to be reminded of the gentle power of love. 

Your beautiful fifth dimensional gifts and talents will begin to feel like the blessings they are when you begin to understand who YOU truly are, why you are different and how to stay in your beautiful heart while turmoil seems to be erupting all around you.

The light you carry in your being, although sometimes mysterious to others, and perhaps still even to yourself, is working miracles every day, as you live, breathe, eat and sleep, inhabiting your particular corner of the earth with the elevated consciousness you constantly hold. You are a dazzling work of radiant light, and light is constantly working through you, whether you know it or not...

If you know you are here to contribute to the vast global shift and awakening currently taking place on this planet but sometimes feel lost, unsure or just tested to the max at this particular moment, welcome to a world of understanding and insight, through the magical wisdom of the right words at just the right time.

In the pages of this book you will find ways to re-connect with your inner peace, power and stillness, just by remaining open to the love and expansiveness encoded within these poetic and inspiring messages.

The first part of the book is filled with entertaining essays and articles, which are partly earthy and humorous and partly inspired (through mediumship), as Diane and Peter work together to shed light on the challenges of our shifting times, from both a human and a fifth dimensional perspective.

The second part contains messages channelled directly from Peter Elohim, who offers visionary views of life beyond 2012, deeply sacred but non-denominational prayers and meditational insights...

A gift to the many lightworkers who are currently adding their loving frequency to the evolution of humanity at this time and a comprehensive guide to shining your light while shift happens...

Please click on the Letters to Lightworkers pic on the right, to find out more...



Those who are very sensitive to energies are perhaps wondering why there was such a weird heaviness suddenly appearing at the end of last week, building over the weekend and seemingly dispersing over the last 24 hours or so. Please don’t worry; it’s all just more global, energetic, emotional cleansing as our hearts go out to all those who have transitioned in recent weeks and our energies go out towards lightening the load, regarding the dark energy precipitated by the anti-loving nature of radiation.
Just know that there will be times when our efforts as light-workers will involve all kinds of cleansing methodologies, for which we have volunteered on the inner planes, at the levels of higher consciousness, but of which we might be completely unaware at a conscious level. And in all of our contributions, those in the finer dimensions work with us constantly to amplify our efforts and to ensure that we achieve our aims. Please know, also, that as this particular burst of our clean-up campaign comes to a close...for the time being... we should utilise fully, the many possibilities for self-cleansing available to us...
Salt baths are particularly recommended at this time (energetically speaking) because of the peculiar nature of the energy we have been clearing and its tendency to get ‘under the skin’. I have been experiencing it as a slow, sticky energy that makes it tricky to think clearly or to feel as sharp as I might like to. It has also been (how can I put it) a MAJOR downer at times. Still, away it goes, at least for a week or so, and tonight I’ve got an extra-special salt-soak planned with incense burning and maybe Master Choa Kok Sui's beautiful Om chants ringing around my home. That ought to do it... otherwise, I’ll have to bring out the big guys. Lol. Please feel free to share your energy-clearing experiences and tips with us here so we can continue to bring the radiance back into our hearts and our surroundings.
There are also several ways we can clear our energies by giving attention to the workings of the physical body....diet, certain forms of exercise and purification etc.  I know that many of my lovely soul family of light-workers have been drawn to working in this way recently and this message is for all of us and for all in the human family who may or may not feel as we do but who work with us, nevertheless. There is not one person on earth who does not play a part, not one who is above or below another and in the end, even out of the darkness, comes light ...yes indeed. So, just as the antics of political leaders of recent years, and the banking system in general, have sparked wave after wave of societal questioning (also playing a part, by default, insisting with their unscrupulous behaviour that we begin to demand better for ourselves and our children) perhaps this current disaster should lead us to ask, whatever happened to the search for clean energy and the idea of properly subsidised research into the true and potentially beneficent power of the universal energy all around us.??
Neptune’s arrival in Pisces (another momentous energetic adjustment to make) should help to quell some of the angry tantrums of Uranus in Aries. My guides are pointing out to me that their recommendation for us, under this beautiful, watery influence is to be extra mindful of the power of all things that flow freely and are not easy to quantify. We should also recognise one of these very powerful transits as a potent force for softening and mitigating the tumultuous effects of the other.
In other words, the energy of positive, dreamy, loving intention should stream out from us ...and from the benevolent, universal forces surrounding us...(Neptune in Pisces) to combat the energetic effects of heat, disruption and sudden angry eruptions of radiation (Uranus in Aries)much more easily now... Love should flow out more effortlessly now, to heal the energy of war and domination, water should be consumed profusely to combat the effects of fire and dehydration, those who have this resource should charge their water with Reiki symbols before drinking, so that this ancient, nebulous means of shaping energies for the betterment of all might be used to combat the effects of manipulating energy for destructive means... in other words, nuclear power.  Those who don’t have this resource could simply pray over their water or set the intention of charging it with love, so that love’s mysterious quality might soothe our fiery hearts and remind us all that this is a love revolution we are creating and nothing else will be as loving or as lasting.
Rest and meditate when you need to, and drink deep from the well-spring of love that you surely now know ...truly surrounds you. Then come back to your place in this beautiful evolution-revolution, refreshed and renewed.
So we begin to see the possibilities for our own self-salve-ation, drawn out clearly, as always, in the stars – those constant markers of our potential progress as evolving beings here on earth.
However, I’m not an astrologer; I am as always, just allowing the sweet whisperings from my precious guides to influence my ramblings and to bring to you, in joy and gratitude for this very special work, whatever you need to continue on, precious light-workers...
Love, light, peace to all, from me and from all who reach out to you, through me, in love-light consciousness, from the beloved hereafter...    J


Be a Place-Holder for Paradise

It is not easy. It never was going to be easy to endure or to observe the changes mother nature insists are necessary in order to bring the world back into balance, back into its true vibrational resonance. Many of us are deeply shocked and feeling great sorrow for everyone who is left behind to mourn those lost in recent catastrophic natural disasters and those who are struggling to pick up the pieces of their lives in the aftermath.
I felt compelled this morning to deliver this message of hope, to light-workers everywhere and my deepest wish is to also pay proper respects and send out prayers of healing and petitions for Angelic comfort to the people of Japan while doing so. Please join me in this and, as always, multiply our intent by doing so. Thank you. It is done.
The world is changing rapidly now. The earth is readjusting itself, the old is hanging on by its grubby, grabby little fingernails, the literal, physical polar shift of the planet is taking place almost before our very eyes and those who thought they held power are beginning to witness true power perhaps for the first time ever. The power of the inevitable realignment of the earth and its inhabitants with God consciousness; divine consciousness; correct, magnetic energetic frequency; remembrance of what we are; re-connection with source; our embodiment of light, creator consciousness, Atlantian and Lemurian  society, the garden of eden,  cosmic re-alignment, mass evolution, remembering  paradise, Summer 1967...lol. You choose. There are so many beautiful metaphors and possible ways of describing what is taking place all around us, right now, and yet many still do not believe we are witnessing anything particularly extraordinary in spiritual or evolutionary terms.
Even many precious lightworkers are labouring under the unfortunate and disillusioned misunderstanding that other forces are somehow winning, beating us into submission and laughing all the way to the bank. It is NOT so. The NATURAL order is on the home stretch now. The natural, loving order...is in charge now. Not one being who lives breathes, walks or talks, even the most magnificently aligned and inspired channel can begin to anticipate what comes next. There is no current frame of conscious experiential reference for it. It’s quite literally mind-blowing. But all are celebrated and applauded for our great courage, faith, prescience in following the light and inner guidance of love, without question and for the love of all great loves: the higher call to loving service that has brought us all to this point.
I can only marvel now at the journeys and the weaving and the twisting turns of the paths of myself and other soul-family light-workers particular over the last year or so. We certainly stepped up!! Invisible, underground warriors, keepers of the flame, trusting in the sense of our seemingly senseless behaviours, I and your unseen Angelic companions love you so.
The following short inspired message came streaming into my mind this morning almost as one sentence, one thought. Peace and deepest gratitude, once again to my guide and precious (ever-patient) friend Peter Elohim for this special message. Love, peace and big hugs to all.
“Be a placeholder for a forgotten paradise. Be a marker and a maker of peace, loving kindness and Divine longing. Place THAT flag in the ground. And when the madness stops, you will be like an archived seed from the first innocent rose, planting your precious roots in renewed old soil, with great care. Hold on!!! Your time IS coming!! Your time is here.”


Constant to a Dream

Well, it’s a couple of days after Valentine’s day and the inhabitants of the finer dimensions are “appealing for calm”, as this year in particular has seen much violence. Not only as rigid structures in our political and global systems continue to crumble but as relationships are also suddenly revealed for what they truly are and also begin to disintegrate, if built on false premises.
So what’s to be done... for the faithful lovers, the spiritual warriors with one foot in the fifth dimension, who understand that the destiny of humanity is to learn unconditional, universal love but who nevertheless long for the touch of the one infinite and perfect love who will show them the mirroring of their infinite  perfected selves...the twin flame. Well, as you know, I feel as restless as the world is at this time when I find myself swimming in clichés J and indeed there is not much else to be said on the subject, for those who have been patient for some time and have pored over every possible book, website, video and every other avenue of scrummy twin flame investigation, finding only empty promises manifesting in the day to day reality of their lives.
Those who have now chosen to wait might feel, on some level, that they are being cheated somehow. The rest of the loved-up world drifts happily by, while they remain foolishly constant to a dream. And yet, at some point, regardless of whether or not you accept the twin flame paradigm, at some point in your evolution, something in your soul will cry out NO! No more now. I am waiting for ‘the one’ and none else will do... if I have to wait forever.
Let us remember, though, that our current path of evolution, by its very nature also relies on us all remaining constant to a dream.  We are being called to keep passionately in mind and heart, a reality we cannot yet see, hear, feel or touch in a tangible way, and yet we still believe in it. We have no choice!! Because we know that somewhere in our believing, somewhere along the dreaming way, we create a place where dreams and reality become blurred in definition. So we continue to dream, not knowing for sure whether we are just up to our ears in idealistic madness or true revolutionaries of heart and mind. And then, one day... just when we have forgotten how to say which is which: which is the dreamer and which is the dream; which is the real, and which...the unseen...all at once it ceases to matter...
Here is an excerpt from, Constant to a Dream, a very long and rambling poem I suspect I’m still far from completing. Even though we are now at forty pages, I still haven’t been given the word that it’s time to close the book on it, so to speak. Please enjoy friends. Remember that we are never alone. Keep the faith, let there be peace in your hearts and above all things, let the love around and inside you continue to grow you ...and observe all the things in your life that grow out of love... see how they flourish...throughout the year. Namaste friends...

And .....
What other thought is this?
Oh common sense, be damned for life!!
How am I so bereft of bliss
Yet reaching for your kill-joy knife?!
Oh, human frailty, how so brave
Are you to trespass on this stream?
This buoyant, cataclysmic wave
That should drown out your grisly theme!

I have no time for your bleak thesis
Nothing moves when moving pleases
Sense and reason all at once
They make the brightest heart a dunce
They are the ones who stand and wait
Yet serve in nothing truly great
The worthless watchers at the door
When Romes are burning by the score

Abounding of the spirit sight
Resounding through the ageless night
This is the arrow that must fly
From all restriction by and by
Oh yes, it’s this that holds the sway
This is the truth, the life, the way
Beyond the veil, outside the line
All out of sense and out of mind
The rock that brings the faster fuels
These tumbled stones and precious jewels
The tinkle, tinkle, little bell of
Michael, Gabe and Raphael
And Uriel (who never shouts)
His hand is moving all about
It’s in a whisper or a whiff
That travels in through other gifts
Another sense than simple holding
Seeing, smelling, touching, folding
Hear them carried on a sigh
That whispers through the heart from high
And from within and all around
These gentle-natured bells resound
Oh yes it takes a trusting soul
Who is devoid of grasp and hold
Who is prepared to trust and see
The sense that comes so senselessly
Oh, yes, oh yes that’s how they roll
These mighty brothers swathed in gold
And if the heart is pure and true
They lean a little closer too
Oh come, oh come, sweet friends of light
For I am ready for this flight
Yes, I am one and all with you
Come check me thorough, check me through
Come take a look, my goose is cooked!
You’ll never more be overlooked.
Oh clean my heart, sweet gentle God
And welcome me into thy grace
For one more whiff of that sweet sod
Those humours from the summer place


It’s Micheal now who comes, sweet soul
We heard your cry; it was well told
Yet what now will tomorrow send
When you are tested once again
You will refute us, words will rend!
Oh how we love our human friends.
And will, unceasing, every way
Although you’ll see this very day
Your nature does your truth distress
Not once, not twice, not thrice, but guess
How many doubts you might confess
To any score, I’ll answer yes
This many times you will deny
But you will see us by and by
Oh yes, you’ll find us ...if you try

For even Peter sits here now
And watches over all who rise
And even if the cock should crow
He is the rock, the road, the prize
For that sweet soul has paid the price
Of loving lost in search of sense
And safety of the body fence
That heart-betrayer, hard and dense
And in the end ...he left it thence

And so I say, across the line
This ever WILL be, for all time
We’re always knocking at your door
For you are ours and we are yours
This ancient, ever-loving stream
Of Heaven’s mind and rapture’s cream
Whose god-light rays on ancient reams
As weight of gold and words still clean
Are seldom heard and rarer seen
Between their earth-discoloured seams
The master’s all whose loving theme
Might guide this shoal of sleepy bream
The lotus-blossomed, waking Prince
The Mecca-beckoned, thus-come-since
The moon-struck huntress and her gleam
The living, loving Nazarene
The holy, holy, precious flame
The golden: stolen, turned and tamed
The Angel host, the elfin queen
The Goddess/God who waits to wean
The lasting arms on which you lean
This humble, superhuman team
Is always and has ever been

ForEVER constant to a dream...


How to Make Pancakes for the Soul

Something I’ve wanted to address for quite some time now is some of the peculiar attitudes I’ve encountered over the past few years in relation the many wondrous and varied healing modalities we have at our disposal.  We are so, so very blessed that at every point in our evolution and transition, if we should experience a physical, emotional or psychic discomfort of any kind, Mother/Father/ God/Nature/The Universe finds us a cure.
So why do we keep doing that human thing of negating and criticizing some of these tools, when they all serve a purpose and fill a different need at each stage of our journey. While totally respecting everyone’s view on any given healing and personal transformation modality, my heart is bursting to say something, to remind us all that this is, once again, just a calling from the lower mind to dissolve every good thing into the murky waters of conflict and separation. We know in our hearts that whatever path we choose, it is US, our most inspired selves, who are doing the healing…or rather, the Divine Universal Prana, chi, ki, Divine Consciousness/God that makes up the individual and collective spirit of what we appear to be. Whatever we might choose to call it, in any given moment, it is working through us, regardless, in order to reveal itself at some point, in its purest and most exalted state, THROUGH the use of whichever modality we choose. Whether we use NLP to dissolve the beliefs that prevent us from knowing, at the level of mentality, that we are God, or use Reiki to strengthen our energetic field so that we will develop a stronger ‘knowing’ at the soul level or scream until our heads almost fall off so that our hearts can unravel centuries of pain, as we slowing come to love ourselves and remember that the heart is the place of perfect love and not a safe harbor for affliction! Smile!!!
So recently, I began to explore a therapy, which had fascinated me for quite some time and after  studying part one of this modality’s teachings, I felt satisfied that I had discovered enough for the time being to suit my needs at present. So I decided not to go any further with those particular studies. However, I was surprised at some of the reactions I received when I shared some of my excitement about Theta, and saw the relief expressed by some of my friends that I’d decided not to take these studies any further.  I was so puzzled by these reactions and have since heard all sorts of things said about the therapy and the people who are drawn to it. Yet, every one of the practitioners and friends I met on my own, personal Theta journey were very special people and true beings of loving light.
If you have eggs, milk, flour, buttermilk and spices whipped up in a bowl, the chances are, you’ll be able to make some really nice pancakes. If someone comes along and decides to add a horrible amount of lemon so the batter curdles…and someone else adds so much salt it makes your tongue burn and someone else adds water and makes the whole thing a bland old sorry mess, does that mean that the original mix wouldn’t have made a great bunch of pancakes…in the right hands!!! With the right consciousness!!
Once again, trust that everything you need for your greatest, deepest healing, everything your heart, soul and spirit need to get you through this somewhat irritating transition into 5thdimensional consciousness and being, already exists somewhere on one of the many different planes of manifestation and everything you need will be brought to you at just the right time in, just the right way and you will gain from it exactly what you need. So add your own spices, find that perfect pinch of salt, chocolate chips…why not!!! And ladle out your loving sustenance with just the perfect dollop of finesse.
This weekend, I was horribly misunderstood for something I said, which was completely misinterpreted and I had to deal with not only feeling horrible about being misrepresented but also in pain about the idea that I might have upset someone. What did I do? After a night of torment, I let it go because I know what’s in my heart, I trust it and so does everyone I love. They feel it!!
  • Trust what you feel and know what you know!!!
  • You are whole and complete
  • Trust yourself! Know that none of this is real and try not to take offence
  • This is YOUR journey. No one else can walk it
  • You will always be the best at being you! Love what that is and listen to it.
  • Study ALWAYS improves the mind/heart/soul even if sometimes only by default.
  • Do not be static! Keep moving. Keep trying things! Keep learning! You never know where your next great lesson will appear or when your next greatest message will awaken before you in golden ink.
  • Open your mind, trust your heart!
  • Be excellent to each other!!! (Lol!)
So basically, on the subject of choosing your vehicles for healing, explore! Chances are that if you are firmly on the ascension path, at some point your old ‘stuff’ will get stirred up and demand that you release it from its absurd little word-wang and become the Divine being that you are!!
At some level, we created our stuff and thankfully, we have also created the cure….both individually and collectively. There are no good guys and bad guys here, just a lot of violence flying around in the general, psychic field, waiting to get exorcised so that we can begin to see the beauty and truth of who we really are. We are all responsible for all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly and the truly beautiful and transcendent!
A world of wonder awaits at the end of this journey and a multitude of Angels even now sing a song of YOUR name, welcoming you home to yourself…. Without judgment! And the truth about how to make pancakes is that … for you, there’s only one way!! Your way!!


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Accepted with Love and Gratitude!