A Simple Christmas Wish

Once more dear friends, into our dreams we delve
As we approach the cusp of 2012
Not much these lips could grace has not been said
Or ought this pen could trace has not been read
Yet just for old time’s sake, I’ll share my part
Poured out upon this page, straight from my heart
One simple wish will capture all my hopes
One drop of faith dispense with all these ropes
For those whose courage fails at this last turn
To all whose hearts with sacred fire burn
To all who watch and wait with hopeful breath
To all who seek out life yet laugh at death
To all dear friends whose eyes played out this score
With all my heart, I wish you this and more....
While gladly risking tried and tired clich├ęs
I’ll state it clear and calmly go my ways
By all that lives below and shines above
I wish us all a world that’s run by love

©2011Diane Hall

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