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Hi Everyone! 
On January 23rd, I'll be launching a Free Video Angel Card Reading Service, something I'll be running for the next month or so, possibly longer... 
Here's my first reading, a few pre-launch insights from the Angels on the benefits of the service itself!!

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Angelic Love, Light, Hugs and Very Best New Year Wishes :)


  1. Nice blog! I have a question though. How are angel readings different from astrology and numerology? Does it mean that you get psychic info straight from angelic beings? This is really thought provoking. I hope you can give an explanation. :)

  2. Hi Yuri,
    Thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying ‘5thDimension’. I’ll do my best to give some opinions on the subjects you raised, although you already know the answers. :-)

    For me, astrology, numerology and cards are all great ways of translating our inner reality into a physical language... a conscious dialogue with the Cosmos or with our Creator. I love the endlessly creative ways in which these planets, numbers and symbols ‘land’ in front of us to teach, confirm or mirror something about ourselves,
    our consciousness and our potential.

    I can’t speak for all card readers as all work differently. Personally, I usually work principally as a medium – a connecting point between this dimension and many others, including the Angelic Realm - to see, feel, sense or hear information, through the use of yes, I suppose psychic faculties. However, it is possible to read the cards just as they stand, and not all Angel Card Readers are intuitives or mediums ... just as, not all numerologists and astrologers are using their psychic faculties (although we are in fact all psychic to some extent, as you know)... and not all mediums use Angel Cards.

    I currently use cards in a reading, just to see how the universe is speaking and whether it has anything to add to what comes to me from Guides and from sensing the energy of a situation. And usually, once a card has been selected, my guides will also add to this new input by saying more about why a particular card was chosen ....for this particular person, with this particular question in mind... or I will see images jumping out from the cards, which add a greater depth to their meaning. - so there’s a constant interaction between the cards and the use of sixth-sensory (4th & 5th dimensional) perceptions.

    The cards themselves are (possibly) more fluid than the more fixed and scientific premise behind astrology, numerology and palmistry. (I’m skimming wildly here as there’s so much more I could say about synchronicity, resonance, influence, determinism ... our ability even, to affect which card is selected)! Anyway, I find it all endlessly fascinating and exciting and I LOVE astrology. Basically, all ways of speaking and listening to God (Source/The Universe) are exciting to me. Those are just some of the distinctions as I currently perceive them. Thanks for a GREAT question!
    What’s been your experience?


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