A Letter FROM a Lightworker!

Lovely Readers,
In the aftermath of the recent shootings in the US, I just wanted to take the time to share a conversation, which took place by email earlier this week, between me and a wonderful healer I’m currently mentoring. We both felt guided to share it with you, as it seemed to bring healing and perspective, something much needed at this time. Much love to all, from me, my Guides and the beautiful Angels who surround us always, as we prepare to step into a new year and a beautiful new age.

Hi Diane,
I'm having a very rough week. The shootings in CT happened only an hour away from me and I cannot shake this horrible feeling of sadness and grief. It's haunting. The energy in the school I work in is very .... What's the word ..... Intense? Heavy? I can't even put words to it. My heart center feels completely closed like I can't even penetrate it. I can't go within and I cannot connect with or even feel love. I feel cut off so to speak. I did feel the energy in my hands and feet though I feel frustrated. Thoughts are coming into my head like "what the heck am I doing" and "I'm wasting my time on this meditating and trying to connect with Angels". I'm even questioning whether angels exist. Where were they when those poor little children and the teachers were massacred? 
These thoughts are torturing me. I hope this passes and that I will soon be able to sense the angels around me again. 

Hi Lovely,
I’m so sorry to hear that you are feeling this way, and I completely understand it. It's natural to get frustrated from time to time. Just take a break until you feel better. I know it must be VERY painful to be so close to the scene of that horrible incident, and of course, all tragedies of this nature will have a profound effect on those of us who are sensitive. However, please try to stay soft. Sometimes our hearts are all we have to give. If you close your heart, what will you use to help comfort those who are grieving or in pain? As you know, Angel, hands alone can’t do this! If you harden your heart now, you will become a part of the very thing that now threatens to close it down. This kind of darkness is the very reason there are so many light-workers on Earth at this time, and right now, the world needs you to be strong. Why not try reaching out to someone who has been affected or create something in your community that helps to heal the pain for all concerned. This is the perfect opportunity to OPEN your heart!
Closing your heart will not help you to become the wonderful healer you are destined to be, one who can make a difference in the world. Every day, all over the world, there are children dying horrible deaths, sometimes even in their mother's arms. Crimes have been perpetrated against children on a massive scale, for several centuries. One of the reasons I feel so passionate about Utopia is my desire for peace on this troubled Earth. However, although it’s absolute agony to keep hearing these stories, if I had closed my heart the first time I heard about children being murdered, I would have closed it a long time ago, and the people I love and serve would have missed out on the love and healing I hope to bring to the world, as often as I am able.

Despite what I know about death and dying, it still pains me deeply that one human being can believe it's okay to end the life of another. It still hurts me that anyone ever has to die before living a full life. It hurts deeply that human beings are still so cruel to each other, and that for all our technological sophistication, we are still behaving like a bunch of dummies. My thoughts and prayers go out to every mother who has ever lost a child, every woman who has ever lost and son, or a husband to war, as well as every man who has ever lost a daughter or a wife and any parent who has ever lost the most precious gift we can ever receive from God, in war or in ‘peace’. In fact, I know there is deep pain felt by anyone who has ever lost someone they love, because I have experienced it myself, and knowing this pain is one of the things that drives me to heal the pain of others, wherever possible. But to lose a child, surely there can’t be any worse pain.

As human beings, we sometimes only realise our immense capacity for love and compassion by realising how deeply we are capable of grieving from our heart and soul. The beauty of your heart is so clear from your ability to grieve for someone you have never met and your obvious anger about this tragedy. These are some of the qualities that will soon make you a wonderful healer. But it takes courage to become all that you are, and to have the strength to keep trusting in a Divine being who sometimes seems so unjust, but actually, it’s much more complicated than that. It’s hard, yes, I know, to find that softness and faith once again, and instead of berating the Angels, who love us all so completely and unconditionally, to stand strong and call upon them to comfort and uplift those who are left here grieving. Yes, it sometimes takes formidable strength not to crumble, but to ask a God you’d prefer to scream at, to give you the strength to continue your work, so that you can become the rock that others that you need to be in these uncertain times.

Of course, I understand that the shock factor of such an event is really the thing that touches some of us so deeply and leaves us so shaken, however, for every out of control criminal who goes wild with a gun on the civilised streets of the western world, there are thousands of legal killers, who are also someone's son or daughter, loathing themselves as they go off to fight some insane war in which they will murder children in far off locations, where perhaps it will not be quite so shocking. And NONE of it is okay!!

At times, I have felt so much grieving for what we could all become on this beautiful planet, I have wanted to scream. But something stops me from feeding that energy and makes me notice something beautiful about the human spirit instead. Something like this conversation we’re having now, that reminds me of all our beauty and goodness. This human species, at its heart, will always know how to love and how to grieve. Nothing will ever change that. We will always know how to love. We should try to remember that sometimes. Everything else changes but love does not!
I hope one day we will all come to our senses and stop all this madness, ALL of it, all around the world. I hope that one day, the governments of the world will disarm, globally, multilaterally, and completely;  and say, ‘Okay, let’s agree to put an end to war, once and for all, because look at what we’re teaching our young people about the right way to behave. We are all responsible and it must stop.’
Yes, Angel, we are all responsible and it must stop. Every time we close our hearts, we are responsible, and it must stop.

Sending you much, MUCH love and wishing your heart a speedy recovery and a return to strength and openness. It’s a JOY to know you!

Lightness and Angel Hugs,


12.12.12 and December 21st Meditation!

Dear Lovely Lightworkers,

As you know, today is 12.12.12, one of 2 mystical dates in December, pinpointed by The Mayans as representing a huge opportunity for humanity to take a giant leap in consciousness. On December 21st, 2012, there will be a rare cosmic alignment, one which only takes place only once every 26,000 years, and astrologers, Mayans and an array of lightworkers are currently gathering and preparing to add our intentions to its Utopia-creating potential, and 12.12.12 marks another great portal in our preparations!

 As with most astrology, the alignments we are given are offered to us by God/The Universe, to use as we will, according to our current level of evolution and our free will desires and motivations, and therefore, what we have before us - those of us who wish to create change - is an opportunity to enlist our collective energies for the purpose of yelling an unequivocal YES to the Divine Plan, thereby allowing these powerful astrological alignments to gradually pave the way for Heaven on Earth. As a part of my on-going commitment to Utopia, I’m encouraging everyone I connect with over the next few weeks, to join millions of peace-loving lightworkers all over the world in meditating to enhance the magic of these potentially world-changing alignments.  

Of course, many lightworkers would describe themselves that way simply because they carry within their being, a large amount of those love/ light frequencies, but when it comes to using or channelling more of these frequencies on these special dates in our ascension calendar, there’s sometimes a little bit of uncertainty about what exactly is supposed to happen! Personally, I used to be completely bewildered about what was supposed to happen on days like these, although I desperately wanted to be a part of something so loving, beautiful and worthwhile. So I would generally send out good thoughts, smile a lot at passers-by, do a guided visualisation at some point during the day and generally hope for the best.

So, today, many years later (I’ve come on a bit since then) I’ve  recorded the video above so that anyone who’s not quite sure what to do, can use to bring more Divine loving light into their being and spread it across the earth.  I would encourage anyone who feels drawn to doing this, to participate as frequently as they wish. Not just on 12.12.12 and 21.12.12, but continually, throughout the coming period, building those precious, sacred energies, and rolling this practice out, well into 2013 and beyond.  And of course, if you can synchronise your meditations with others on the really special dates, that would be extra magnificent, because it’s this kind of collective manifestation that really brings the most powerful shifts! I believe that there are lots of synchronised meditations planned for 
12.12.p.m on 12.12.12, and on the 21st, at 21.12 hrs in various timezones!

However, please make use of this video whenever you have a spare 15 minutes for send love to Planet Earth, and be assured that at any time of day that you decide to participate, there will be others, somewhere in the world - from the hidden reaches of the Himalayas to the dusty, hijacked churches of old London town - meditating with you and loving the world back to life. It’s a marathon, it’s a meditation-fest, it’s an all-out, all day, all night, all month, all year, all decade, all age and all ages party, if that’s what it takes... till it’s done! Please feel free to invite your friends.

Finally, some of you will have heard me going on and on about Atlantis for a while now, and of course, the wonderful Edgar Cayce predicted that the rise of Atlantis would begin to be evident round the time of our re-awakening, so those of you who have been excitedly watching this story evolve over time will enjoy this picture (below) of several giant crystals, which were discovered in 2001, and are said to be some of the great crystals of Atlantis. So never forget for a second that we have a great deal of assistance in our Utopian efforts, from the 4 leggeds, the 2 leggeds, the star people, the winged people, and even the stone people. LOL! So let’s get this love/light party started! Shift is about to get very real up in this Mother/Father God-Loved Earth!!

Happy Holidays Everyone! 


Find Your Purpose, Know Your Path - Sample

So, okay, there I was wondering what to read, at the end of a very intense day, and noticing that I'd recently skipped through 4 Doris Stokes books, and as much as I adored them, I just didn't fancy reading anymore for the time being, and certainly couldn't face another book about internet marketing!!!!!

I needed some other medium biographies, or Edgar Cayce stories. Yes, as you've probably guessed Peeps, this burning passion is also a burning passion in my "spare time". It has been for as long as I can remember. In fact I've been really going back to my roots lately in my recent re-connection with lovely Doris. Doris Stokes's 'Voices in My Ear' was one of the first books I ever read on the subject of life after death, around 30 years ago when this entire subject first began to become a bit of an obsession! So, all these years later, it's been a source of slight bemusement to realise that one of the very mediums I'd been admiring from afar but secretly hoping never to become, is now one of my all-time heroines! (Long story). So what's my point?

Okay, so I asked my Guides, what would be a good thing for me to read next, as I was feeling "all Doris-ed out" but still liked to feel that there was something nice on the shelf for me to unwind with at the end of a long day! I Immediately heard the words "White Eagle" and saw an image in my mind of a beautiful Native American. I recognised the name instantly! I'd heard it around for many years but never actually read any of his teachings!

So, taking my Guide's advice, I went to do some research on the much-loved teacher, and found a whole series of very exciting books on psychic unfoldment. Of course these were the next, perfect thing for me to read and of course my Guide always knew exactly what I needed next! So, imagine my surprise when I found myself - despite all of this validation and the wonderful warm, tingly feeling in my heart every time I looked at the cover - looking for a "Search Inside" or "Read a Sample" option! It was White Eagle, for goodness sake!! It was my Guide's suggestion!!! It felt tingly!!!

It was at this moment that I realised the importance of allowing readers to try a book out before they buy it, no matter how well they might know a person or enjoy their work!

So, I got straight onto creating this sample widget for my lovely readers, with a little help from my friend fReado!.

Enjoy Peeps!


Find Your Purpose, Know Your Path and a Solar Eclipse!

Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

Yay, it’s finally here: that wonderful new moon in Scorpio, solar eclipse day, and the pre-re-launch day for Find Your Purpose, Know Your Path, my ebook for passionate pursuers of purpose. Available from tomorrow, November 14th 2012, or maybe even a little bit later tonight!

I’m so happy to be re-launching this book by the serendipitous, silvery light of a new moon in my natal 3rd house of communications and messages, under the auspicious afterglow of a fiery solar eclipse, I can hardly contain myself! Then again, why on earth would any of us want to do that?! 

This time in our collective evolution is undoubtedly a time for expansion on all levels, and as I sit writing this message, I am suddenly aware that there’s an unmistakable air of hope and celebration, slowly permeating the collective consciousness, bubbling under, despite all the restrictions and limitations that we perceive to be effective in our lives. We are awakening en-masse, without knowing why, how and, for many, without even fully understanding what it might all mean.

So here, at last, is another loving contribution to the collective, a little book that aims to answer the question, “What happens when an entire planet begins to awaken from a deep slumber, causing many to suddenly feel stirred up with a burning desire to do what they came here to do: the work that will enable them to experience the most joyful and complete expression of who they truly are?”

What happens when we begin to open our eyes and see that we have been living in a dream? What happens when the Angels guide our lives so strongly that we have no choice but to see the truth? Or when tragedy strikes and propels us into a sudden and undeniable clarity about our life purpose, or a sudden psychic awakening has us stepping up unexpectedly and into a life we never dreamed we would be living, decades ago when we were foolish enough to think that we had all the answers.

And what happens when none of these things happens, and the answers still just won’t come?  What do we do then? What happens when your past dictates your future, and blinds you to the truth, until you somehow uncover centuries of disappointment and limitation that stretch across several lifetimes? What happens when you just don’t think you’ll ever be able to “get it right” after decades of mis-timings, misjudgments and apparent mistakes? But what if none of it was actually wrong? What if all that stuff was just preparation and training for the truth you haven’t yet allowed yourself to see? Welcome to, Find Your Purpose, Know Your Path!  

What happens when the whole world begins asking “Well who am I really then? And what does this beautiful new dimension of existence – living in my heart - require of me?” 

Have fun with it Peeps. It’s not a system or a treatise, it’s a loving sharing and a HUGE in-depth exploration of you, lovely you, in all your many possible and probable expressions, leaving no stone un-turned. It’s a way to uncover the truth about who you are waiting to become. It’s the beginning of an exciting journey in which you will be asked to travel light and move ahead in full faith, somehow developing the confidence you need, somewhere along the way... 


Divine Whispers...

Have you tasted the sweetness of my touch?
Are you content to journey alone?
When all it takes to know my words
Is to stop pretending that you do not
And all it takes to feel me
is to stop resisting my gentleness and love

Is it too subtle and soft?
Must it find a noise with which to assail you?
Can you melt into it now?
With a smile...


This We Have Now

Just wanted to share some of Rumi's musings on Divine Presence...


Competition Winner and New Moon Manifestations!

Many thanks to everyone who entered the competition to win a free Mentoring Taster Session ..and congratulations Maryanne! 

If you haven't heard it yet, you can hear the question and the channelled response in the video below. 

So what about that New Moon then, huh? Well most people reading this probably know, by now, that the time of the new moon and the following (up to) 14 days or so just after it, are the most fertile days to begin new projects and dream new dreams, knowing that they are more likely to manifest, grow and expand with the waxing of that beautiful big ball. Our September New Moon, in Virgo, which blossoms at 10.11pm EST - Sept 15th /3:11 am GMT - Sept 16th will give us all a big boost in manifesting anything that brings health, healing and truth into the details of our day-to-day experience in one particular area of life. 

To get much more detail about how to manifest specifically and powerfully, according to your sun sign and especially your ascendant, click here and have a look at the blogs that will be posted on New Moon (Lightcast) Day!

With Virgo being the sign of healing and service to humanity, it's also a great time for our world peace meditations and convergences. Isn't it lovely how World Peace Day falls within those 14 days immediately after the New Moon... just saying! God definitely doesn't play dice. LOL. Well... not without knowing the outcome..

Finally, some of you might have noticed that I often launch something new every time there's a lovely new moon... 'a time to sow and a time to reap'...etc. LOL! And speaking of inspired writing, this month, as a special birthday treat, I'll be indulging my passion for inspired poetry by recording some very special videos! 

If you love Rumi poems and Shakespeare sonnets, please click here to subscribe to my Arts Channel, so you'll know when I start uploading these treasures! 

Thanks again to all my lovely subscribers and YouTube friends for all your love, support, lovely emails, kind comments, inspired questions, seeking and searching and for always growing with me in ways that continue to expand my heart more than you can possibly know!


Divine Presence

When it seems that no one on this Earth can see you
That no one understands this strange creature you appear to have become
No one can comprehend the choices you make
The seemingly insane things you do
The passionate God-starter that you are...

Retreat, withdraw,
Come to me in the silence
And I will hold you there

Do not be resentful
Or angry
Or saddened
Do not feel alone

Celebrate my love
And know yourself as good!
I am threaded through you..

..and one day
Others will want to know how
...and why
And you will show them lovingly..
Where to find me

When they have worn themselves out
With their own self-judgements
And their fear of stillness..
The strenuous circular striving
That keeps them captive in that shell

When they are feeling lost and confused...
Through you and others like you...
I will remind them that you are never lost

Not one of you is ever truly lost


A Pocket Full of Stars

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for all your lovely responses on YouTube and in various other spaces. They're all so MUCH  appreciated and I'm enjoying the interaction a lot! 

So, I just wanted to remind everyone to feel free to post your questions for me or my Guides and The Angels to answer - anything at all connected with learning to communicate with your Guides and raising your vibration to increase your perception of those finer frequencies. We wish to offer the richest and finest opportunities for Divine and Angelic communication within our range of possibility at this time. 

Also, as my newsletter subscribers will already know, I'm currently offering a free mentoring taster session to the person who posts the question that is just so compelling, I have to make it the subject for our next
Q & A video.

So if you'd like a chance to win a mentoring taster session and find out how my Guides and I usually work with some of the most wonderfully intuitive and gifted lightworkers I have ever met, please post a lovely question below. 

Please be over 18 years old and make sure you have internet access and private Skype use for the session.
Closing Date: August 31st 2012.

Now! Here's another of those very special moments I have recently been given in my one of my precious meditations - those Divine whispers; those treasured skips through paradise. :)

Namaste ALL 
and Angel Hugs :)

For a while, I was lost to you
...and you were lost to me.
We lost our sense, and found our senses.
I am back now;
Returned to you
With nothing but a pocket full of stars...
..To remind you of home


Another Divine Whisper

Just wanted to share another Divine Whisper, as I'm feeling such a boost of love, inspiration and reassurance every time I receive one, and I wanted to pass this on to everyone who will feel a resonance at this incredible time of shift! So enjoy, and feel free to share with anyone you know who will also enjoy.

There is only one thing that stands between you 
and your knowing of me
It is what you will choose to do with this moment
Long after you have heard my words and felt my reassurances
...uttered on the wind


Divine Whispers

Hi Everyone,

I know I've posted a lot of videos recently and I also know from the very kind feedback, that people are gaining some benefit from them and I’m soooo happy about that! However, as a writer, I always have a deep longing to find the time to explore, express and channel Divine Consciousness in  written form. So I just wanted to share something I received recently as I connected to Source, during a deep meditation on the nature of “the cost of revealing the truth of our lives at all costs.”

A lot of us have been going through some very BIG changes recently, and have been tested, and challenged to grow rapidly, and to quickly learn to embrace new paradigms about how to find true peace in our lives. Being forced to suddenly reassess our priorities continually in this incredible process of unravelling, is just another symptom of the tremendous evolutionary shift that’s currently gathering momentum on the planet and reverberating throughout the cosmos.

Many of us will find that because of the intense karmic clearing we have chosen to carry out in this lifetime, on behalf of ourselves, our families, our soul groups and humanity as a whole, our lives are in a constant state of revealing, as layers and layers of illusion and old, worn out, crystallised programming begin to fall away to reveal - sometimes in a slightly scary way – (LOL) our emotional nakedness and our exhilarating spiritual potential, all at once. It’s a bitter-sweet bliss, a double-edged light-saber. Thanks so much for sharing the journey!  Enjoy...

Divine Whispers
When you are broken
It is I who will come in through the cracks
... to mend you
It is I and I alone who can do this
 I am the light you seek
And even in your brokenness
You are always aware
That it is only your longing for me
That has caused you to shatter


Divine Guidance Q & A

Please post your questions here or email them to me using this link 
Thanks for all the great questions I've received so far. 
Looking forward to answering them soon!!! 
Please click here to see the videos responses I've made!


Atlantis Rising!

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note about Utopia! Hehe, yes I said it....Utopia. I'll just throw that one out there, this bright, beautiful afternoon... ! Well, why shy away from the big topics here? I'm intrigued to know what people think... I mean really, REALLY think about the possibility that we can find a way to live in peace, joy and harmony, right here on Planet Earth. Dude, where’s my Golden Age???!!! I think this debate is long overdue! In fact, I think this debate is exactly what we need right now, as the perfect antidote to all the ridiculous end-times prophesies and the vacuous fear-mongering rhetoric of the drama-junkies among us. 
So where IS our long-promised Heaven on Earth?

Welcome to this new video series in which I’m currently exploring some beautiful Utopian possibilities, using the wonderful Atlantean oracle cards, created by 5th Dimensional leading light in Angelic communication, Diana Cooper. I'd love to know what you think about these ideas. How hopeful is your heart? Has your transition into the New Age been exciting or do you just feel like a lonely old light-worker fish out of water?

What are you manifesting right now, with your thoughts and expectations, about the future of humanity? Are you a creative dreamer? Or do you believe that the Law of Attraction is strictly for manifesting a bright, shiny red BMW? Well if you can picture that, you can probably picture a Heaven on Earth too. So why aren’t you doing it??? Unless, of course...  you already are... In which case... Join me!

...Or do you still believe you're the only one?? Talk to me? Post your comments below, in this loving 5th D space. 
Or just watch, enjoy and dream with me....


Letters to Lightworkers... Free!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to remind you that you can now get a copy of Letters to Lightworkers completely free, for a limited period. I have no idea how long yet... and I'm not all that keen on the word, 'limited' either! It's all just a great big experiment! :)) I'm having fun in this Neptune in Pisces transit, learning how to go with the flow and just try stuff!! 

Things are speeding up, changing and evolving so rapidly now, we might just as well get used to a little bit of going with the flow! Or ...maaaaybe... quite a lot...actually... whatever :) Anyway... as predicted, the world is changing FAST friends, in wonderful and exciting ways...

Here' one of my favourite passages from the book: -

"Has it not been said that the world was created with love and untold universes with a song, cried sincerely from the heart of some loving being. Embrace fully your loving selves, your loving state and your genuine intent to do some good. They are what shall become the saving of you. For as you attune increasingly to that higher frequency of love, you will find more and more that all around you, little miracles of love are beginning to take place , with or without your prior planning or conscious desire for them. And in time it will be said that love created this world, and in the end it was love that saved it."
Peter Elohim

Just, fill in the form on the left to get your copy...
Love, light and Angel Hugs,



Divine Guidance Q & As

Hi Peeps,

Thank you for the tremendous response to my Free Angel Card Readings offer. I know I’ll be answering your questions for some weeks to come! However, there is a subtle shift happening in these readings, even at this early stage, as I feel a gentle nudge from my Guides encouraging me to return to the possibility of more speaking and channelling on subjects of great import at this transitional time in our evolution. So, I must pass on the message and urge those of you who feel ready for this information, to include more questions of this nature in your requests, for the highest good of all. I’ll hand you over now to those who are clearly longing to speak through me. J))

Dearest physical friends, this is not a judgement. We respect all of your questions; we understand and wish to serve you in any way possible, yet, from where we are, it is so much easier to see what you need, in relation to what you may want! Therefore, in order to best utilise the gifts of this medium in accordance with the training and preparation she has received, please turn your focus towards the following topics:
  • How to improve my connection to the Divine or to my Guides and the Angelic Realm – please address this particular difficulty or issue I have had with this.
  • How to become better attuned with the knowing about my specific Divine purpose in this current window of time.
  • What is the most important thing I need to know at this point, for my highest learning?
  • The nature of non-physical existence :)

...and many more personalised questions related, in some way, to these or similar topics....

We love you and empathise with your tests and trials more than you can possibly know.  But we have no desire to disempower you by offering you a quick, predictive fix, if such a thing were even possible. Within a few weeks, you will be hungry for another. Therefore, we wish to teach you alignment and connection with that within you that knows the answers before you even speak and that which seeks to Guide you from a more elevated teacher/guide perspective from the Angelic Realm and the Realms of Guides and Masters... this and much, MUCH more...

Namaste Beloveds.


Free Angel Card Readings!

Hi Everyone! 
On January 23rd, I'll be launching a Free Video Angel Card Reading Service, something I'll be running for the next month or so, possibly longer... 
Here's my first reading, a few pre-launch insights from the Angels on the benefits of the service itself!!

Click on the 'Free Readings' tab to find out more...
Angelic Love, Light, Hugs and Very Best New Year Wishes :)

Guardian Angel Meditations

5th Dimensional Reads

  • The Lotus Sutra - Teachings of The Buddha
  • Bringers of the Dawn - Barbara Marciniak
  • Conversations With God 1,2 & 3 - Neale Donald Walsh
  • A Return to Love - Marianne Williamson
  • A New Light on Angels - Diana Cooper
  • Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously - Osho
  • The Lightworker's Way - Doreen virtue

Accepted with Love and Gratitude!