12.12.12 and December 21st Meditation!

Dear Lovely Lightworkers,

As you know, today is 12.12.12, one of 2 mystical dates in December, pinpointed by The Mayans as representing a huge opportunity for humanity to take a giant leap in consciousness. On December 21st, 2012, there will be a rare cosmic alignment, one which only takes place only once every 26,000 years, and astrologers, Mayans and an array of lightworkers are currently gathering and preparing to add our intentions to its Utopia-creating potential, and 12.12.12 marks another great portal in our preparations!

 As with most astrology, the alignments we are given are offered to us by God/The Universe, to use as we will, according to our current level of evolution and our free will desires and motivations, and therefore, what we have before us - those of us who wish to create change - is an opportunity to enlist our collective energies for the purpose of yelling an unequivocal YES to the Divine Plan, thereby allowing these powerful astrological alignments to gradually pave the way for Heaven on Earth. As a part of my on-going commitment to Utopia, I’m encouraging everyone I connect with over the next few weeks, to join millions of peace-loving lightworkers all over the world in meditating to enhance the magic of these potentially world-changing alignments.  

Of course, many lightworkers would describe themselves that way simply because they carry within their being, a large amount of those love/ light frequencies, but when it comes to using or channelling more of these frequencies on these special dates in our ascension calendar, there’s sometimes a little bit of uncertainty about what exactly is supposed to happen! Personally, I used to be completely bewildered about what was supposed to happen on days like these, although I desperately wanted to be a part of something so loving, beautiful and worthwhile. So I would generally send out good thoughts, smile a lot at passers-by, do a guided visualisation at some point during the day and generally hope for the best.

So, today, many years later (I’ve come on a bit since then) I’ve  recorded the video above so that anyone who’s not quite sure what to do, can use to bring more Divine loving light into their being and spread it across the earth.  I would encourage anyone who feels drawn to doing this, to participate as frequently as they wish. Not just on 12.12.12 and 21.12.12, but continually, throughout the coming period, building those precious, sacred energies, and rolling this practice out, well into 2013 and beyond.  And of course, if you can synchronise your meditations with others on the really special dates, that would be extra magnificent, because it’s this kind of collective manifestation that really brings the most powerful shifts! I believe that there are lots of synchronised meditations planned for 
12.12.p.m on 12.12.12, and on the 21st, at 21.12 hrs in various timezones!

However, please make use of this video whenever you have a spare 15 minutes for send love to Planet Earth, and be assured that at any time of day that you decide to participate, there will be others, somewhere in the world - from the hidden reaches of the Himalayas to the dusty, hijacked churches of old London town - meditating with you and loving the world back to life. It’s a marathon, it’s a meditation-fest, it’s an all-out, all day, all night, all month, all year, all decade, all age and all ages party, if that’s what it takes... till it’s done! Please feel free to invite your friends.

Finally, some of you will have heard me going on and on about Atlantis for a while now, and of course, the wonderful Edgar Cayce predicted that the rise of Atlantis would begin to be evident round the time of our re-awakening, so those of you who have been excitedly watching this story evolve over time will enjoy this picture (below) of several giant crystals, which were discovered in 2001, and are said to be some of the great crystals of Atlantis. So never forget for a second that we have a great deal of assistance in our Utopian efforts, from the 4 leggeds, the 2 leggeds, the star people, the winged people, and even the stone people. LOL! So let’s get this love/light party started! Shift is about to get very real up in this Mother/Father God-Loved Earth!!

Happy Holidays Everyone! 


  1. Lovely words (and vibration) Diane! Thank you for all you are and all you do! :) x Aga

    1. Thank you Aga,

      You're so welcome. Thanks for being the light that you are!! <3 x

  2. 12.12.12 is a magical date which has great impacts on astrology.

  3. I just want to say "Thanks", for this lovely place you all created with your Teachings, Blogs, Channels, Posts and Comments

    1. Aww, thanks for noticing and coming to join in!
      Love and Hugs,

  4. Wonderful explanation of facts available here. Thanks for this informative post... :)
    It will be very useful to me...

    1. Thanks R.A.O.T. Lol! That's great to hear.
      Love and Hugs :))


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