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So, okay, there I was wondering what to read, at the end of a very intense day, and noticing that I'd recently skipped through 4 Doris Stokes books, and as much as I adored them, I just didn't fancy reading anymore for the time being, and certainly couldn't face another book about internet marketing!!!!!

I needed some other medium biographies, or Edgar Cayce stories. Yes, as you've probably guessed Peeps, this burning passion is also a burning passion in my "spare time". It has been for as long as I can remember. In fact I've been really going back to my roots lately in my recent re-connection with lovely Doris. Doris Stokes's 'Voices in My Ear' was one of the first books I ever read on the subject of life after death, around 30 years ago when this entire subject first began to become a bit of an obsession! So, all these years later, it's been a source of slight bemusement to realise that one of the very mediums I'd been admiring from afar but secretly hoping never to become, is now one of my all-time heroines! (Long story). So what's my point?

Okay, so I asked my Guides, what would be a good thing for me to read next, as I was feeling "all Doris-ed out" but still liked to feel that there was something nice on the shelf for me to unwind with at the end of a long day! I Immediately heard the words "White Eagle" and saw an image in my mind of a beautiful Native American. I recognised the name instantly! I'd heard it around for many years but never actually read any of his teachings!

So, taking my Guide's advice, I went to do some research on the much-loved teacher, and found a whole series of very exciting books on psychic unfoldment. Of course these were the next, perfect thing for me to read and of course my Guide always knew exactly what I needed next! So, imagine my surprise when I found myself - despite all of this validation and the wonderful warm, tingly feeling in my heart every time I looked at the cover - looking for a "Search Inside" or "Read a Sample" option! It was White Eagle, for goodness sake!! It was my Guide's suggestion!!! It felt tingly!!!

It was at this moment that I realised the importance of allowing readers to try a book out before they buy it, no matter how well they might know a person or enjoy their work!

So, I got straight onto creating this sample widget for my lovely readers, with a little help from my friend fReado!.

Enjoy Peeps!


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