Find Your Purpose, Know Your Path and a Solar Eclipse!

Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

Yay, it’s finally here: that wonderful new moon in Scorpio, solar eclipse day, and the pre-re-launch day for Find Your Purpose, Know Your Path, my ebook for passionate pursuers of purpose. Available from tomorrow, November 14th 2012, or maybe even a little bit later tonight!

I’m so happy to be re-launching this book by the serendipitous, silvery light of a new moon in my natal 3rd house of communications and messages, under the auspicious afterglow of a fiery solar eclipse, I can hardly contain myself! Then again, why on earth would any of us want to do that?! 

This time in our collective evolution is undoubtedly a time for expansion on all levels, and as I sit writing this message, I am suddenly aware that there’s an unmistakable air of hope and celebration, slowly permeating the collective consciousness, bubbling under, despite all the restrictions and limitations that we perceive to be effective in our lives. We are awakening en-masse, without knowing why, how and, for many, without even fully understanding what it might all mean.

So here, at last, is another loving contribution to the collective, a little book that aims to answer the question, “What happens when an entire planet begins to awaken from a deep slumber, causing many to suddenly feel stirred up with a burning desire to do what they came here to do: the work that will enable them to experience the most joyful and complete expression of who they truly are?”

What happens when we begin to open our eyes and see that we have been living in a dream? What happens when the Angels guide our lives so strongly that we have no choice but to see the truth? Or when tragedy strikes and propels us into a sudden and undeniable clarity about our life purpose, or a sudden psychic awakening has us stepping up unexpectedly and into a life we never dreamed we would be living, decades ago when we were foolish enough to think that we had all the answers.

And what happens when none of these things happens, and the answers still just won’t come?  What do we do then? What happens when your past dictates your future, and blinds you to the truth, until you somehow uncover centuries of disappointment and limitation that stretch across several lifetimes? What happens when you just don’t think you’ll ever be able to “get it right” after decades of mis-timings, misjudgments and apparent mistakes? But what if none of it was actually wrong? What if all that stuff was just preparation and training for the truth you haven’t yet allowed yourself to see? Welcome to, Find Your Purpose, Know Your Path!  

What happens when the whole world begins asking “Well who am I really then? And what does this beautiful new dimension of existence – living in my heart - require of me?” 

Have fun with it Peeps. It’s not a system or a treatise, it’s a loving sharing and a HUGE in-depth exploration of you, lovely you, in all your many possible and probable expressions, leaving no stone un-turned. It’s a way to uncover the truth about who you are waiting to become. It’s the beginning of an exciting journey in which you will be asked to travel light and move ahead in full faith, somehow developing the confidence you need, somewhere along the way... 


  1. Hi, What is the price?

    1. OMG!! Thanks soooooo MUCH for bringing that to my attention!!! LOL! I've added it now. The price is
      £7 GBP, that's about $11 or $12 USD!


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