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Diane's book 'Find Your Purpose Know Your Path' has a very clear and practical approach to helping you search within, to find your true purpose in life, through a series of self reflective and questioning exercises and meditations. She draws from her own ever manifesting insights and experiences. As she learns to listen and trust, while silencing the mind and deepening the connection in meditation. Stumbling upon gifts of clairvoyance, channelling, and past life reading, as she walks her path.
This book is a testament to a highly evolved being facilitating you to find your best, and I encourage you to read it.
(David Jean-Baptiste, The Wellness Clarinet) 

Letters to Lightworkers is a wonderful book! Diane offers a deep, loving and honest perspective on everyday aspects of life, as well as the ascension process that we all seem to be going through at this time.  Its sprinkled with loving insights and beautiful poetry and is a joy and very fun to read. I actually read it very fast as I could not put it down! I would like to say that this book touched me very deeply, and actually led to some pretty profound experiences for me in my spiritual practice. After reading the precious words, and meditating on the prayer offered by Diane's guide Peter, who speaks to us in the second half of the book, I was able to connect with a deeper part of my self, whether you call it Higher self or Angelic Realms, in a way that I had never been able to connect before and I am truly thankful for this experience. I would recommend this book to anybody wishing to connect with themselves on a deeper level or gain any insights on love, joy and what it is like to be Awakening to these feelings! 
Drew Armstrong, UK

Diane when I read passages from Letters toLightworkers your words go straight to my heart and it feels as though each word is a cloud and I am walking from cloud to cloud surrounded by divine love. Thank You:)
Wendy Scollan, USA

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