I have had three readings with Diane and can put my hand on my heart and say how helpful and healing her channelled messages have been. They are delivered with such love and sensitivity whilst being impressively accurate. She channels the Archangels very clearly so you feel that you are getting guidance of the highest vibration. Her guides also help her to give you information, for example, on past lives: during one such reading, she told me about some past-life patterns which were affecting my present lifetime. It immediately made sense and I could feel the pain in my heart... Diane spoke the truth and told me the information straight but in such a gentle and loving manner, calling upon the Angels to give me healing. I would thoroughly recommend Diane for a reading as she really does get to the core of an issue very quickly. Her readings are empowering and it's great to work with her on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

In addition, I am a devoted fan of Diane's YouTube Channel. From the generosity of the free Angel readings which have helped so many people, to the creating of Utopia using the Atlantis cards, from the inspiring Archangel channellings to the wonderful new addition of the Daily Angel Hugs, Diane is a source of inspiration to lightworkers around the globe. I have learnt so much from her already. Heartfelt gratitude to you, Diane, for all your warm and down-to-earth guidance, your cheerfulness, your great sense of humour and of course, those lovely painted nails of yours!!! 
G Newman, UK

Mariann, USA

I found Diane in a time when I was very much stuck within me and just couldn't seem to find a way out. The video reading she did for me without knowing me was amazingly accurate in explaining my emotional and spiritual state, even though I had told her next to nothing about me. I felt recognized and very touched.

In a session via skype that followed soon after I found her to be caring, professional and spiritually very powerful and knowledgeable. She helped my soul come back into my body in that session and saw and said things in the process that resonated with me deeply and were of great help. She taught me some spiritual things not by telling me about it but by going through the process with me for me to experience and learn there and then. It was an amazing and transformative session that gave me the key to make real inner progress and generally put me back on track in my life. 
If I ever needed another session I would go to her again, but since she is sooo good at her job I won't need one. :D 
Kerstin from Germany

I met Diane through a friend several years ago. She gave me a hugely insightful Reading and I worked with her over a short period of time. During that time I found Diane to be so giving, loving and supportive in her deeply intuitive and yet incredibly clear descriptions of where I was at. Diane puts her heart and soul into her work and into loving and supporting her clients to thrive. She is fun, enthusiastic and extremely passionate. A true joy to work with. I also attended one of Diane's workshops. It was brilliant and attracted some really lovely people. I would highly recommend Diane to anyone experiencing any doubts about any area of their life. She will help to uplift you, bring you clarity and joy and work with you to create whatever it is that your heart desires. Divinely guided - Diane is simply a wonderful woman and a beautiful soul and I highly recommend her to everyone.
Emily Gordon, London

In a world where we just must embrace ALL of ourselves and the wisdom of the universe, it sometimes is not so easy! That's OK, it's not our fault - we have busy minds and block our wisdom. ENTER Diane!
Diane has access to wisdom and energies that most of us are blocking out. Because she is motivated by love and compassion, she has 'access all areas' and will open up to your wisdom, from your guides and other entities that support you, that not only remind you of your core self, but can direct you to inner truths that help you live true and free.
For me, Diane has been a true friend, soul-mate and spiritual guide. You can just FEEl the love coming from her. And, by the way, she KNOWS things!!! You will be warmed, encouraged and fascinated by her insights. It IS all about you - and Diane opens up the YOU in you (you know what I mean!)
Spend just 30 minutes or an hour with Diane and you will feel different. This is important work. But Diane can also teach you to be your OWN intuitive! Diane's loving mentorship offers you the gift of YOU - your perfect wisdom.
Victoria Groom, Reiki Teacher, Animal Healer and The 'Happy-Now not Happy-When' Coach.

Thank you SO much Diane, this helped me a lot! You were so accurate, I couldn’t help but laugh at your observations lol! I definitely feel like I now have the direction I need to step up more and embrace my power! Thank you so much again for your generosity and insight, this reading couldn’t have come at a better time :)
E Jenkins, US

Dear Diane, you may not remember me, you have once made me a reading a couple months ago, thanks to you i have gone deeper and deeper into investigation my spirituality, and to starting to recognize my essence, you changed my perception in such a way that it changed me completely, I'm so happy that i was guided to find you, the first thing I do every day since you made my reading is watching every video you upload, you are a very, very, very talented medium and Channel. You gave me the strength to find myself, and it has been so many times that I've cried watching your videos for being so delighted with the light you bring into this world, that the only thing I can say is THANK YOU, thank you for being so wonderful. 
Angel Hugs
Mauricio de los Santos, NZ

Diane is by far the most beautiful, honest and loving angel I have ever had the honor of receiving a reading from (and I have talked to many).  I have tremendous respect for her integrity and purity. Her focus is totally on serving and helping, which unfortunately is not the case in many other cases. In my darkest hours, she has shown tremendous amount of unselfish action which has been determining for my ability to heal and shift. She IS an Earth Angel who gives me hope for humanity and I know that I am a better person because of her. That might sound like a cliché but I truly and honestly mean it form the deepest place of my soul.

With gratitude, 
Allie, Sweden

I have been fascinated and intrigued by the whole angel and channeling thing for quite a few years. I clicked on Diane Hall's by accident ...or curiosity, don't remember now. I am so glad I did! One of the first videos I had the privilege to view was her channeling of Archangel Michael. It felt absolutely authentic and very moving. I am sure I am not the only one who treasures the very few people who have a genuine talent for communicating with other dimensions with such ease, integrity and 'aplomb'. We all need to hear about the bigger perspective to negotiate the challenges of this earth life!! Also, a few months ago, I wrote Diane to introduce myself-- as she had requested on her web site-- for her to get a feel for who is 'following' her. Although I had not expected an answer per se, she very graciously responded with a very short impromptu reading for me. She is not only a very in-tune medium, but she is also a very generous soul… Thank you Diane for sharing your most precious and valuable gifts (daily angel hugs, channelings, readings, aura cleansing techniques etc...)  with all of us!"
Josette Prévost, USA

Diane you have flown down from the sky like an Angel and Light in my Life, in order to guide me, assist me and super-propel me forward! I think I prayed very efficiently to get you Lovely Diane as the response of Heaven (literally)!!!! :))) What an amazing Energy Being you are!!!
Agnieszka Religa, Glasgow

Diane's work has been pivotal guiding me through my own self healing process. At my first appointment with her I gave her a lot of information about my past - I was nervous and excited and talking way too much - and she listened patiently. she was both sensitive and efficient, incorporating everything I shared as well as channeling beautiful messages to me. I am now a repeat customer. :)
Katie Custer, USA

I recently experienced one of Diane's mentoring taster sessions and I was blown away by her wisdom and guidance! Diane and the angels did clearing on my chakras and helped me receive a message from the angelic realm. After the session I felt more optimistic and confident and was able to see my situation in a new light. The session helped me open up to new opportunities that I had been seeking, such as job offers and another business opportunity that I would not have considered before. I've now signed up for a six-week mentoring course and I'm excited to see how my path will unfold. Thank you Diane! 
Jennifer Logan, SK, Canada

Not only is Diane incredibly accurate in her readings, her message to me was so full of love and gentleness, it was an incredible experience listening to her. With the reading she did for me, she helped me go through a difficult time; every one of her words resonated with my heart and soul. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude. Wish I could hug her!! She's the best! Thank you Diane for all your amazing work! 
Isabelle, London, UK

Hi Diane, 
First I want to say how much I value your readings for the YouTube viewers.  In your Atlantis and Daily Hug readings you have way of making the universal, the general, feel as if it is meant for me personally and especially...How do you do that!?

Also, ever since I got the abbreviated free reading from you a few months ago, I have been planning, when the time is right, to work with you in learning to listen to and work more closely with my guides.  The simple message that you passed along to me at that time has deeply influenced some recent choices I have made and I feel so blessed to have had that reading! There is such love and practical awareness of "real" life that exudes from your work!  I can't wait for the time to be right for me to work with you in your mentoring program.

Many blessings to you, Diane.
Martha Mendenhall

Dear Diane,
I have finally got around to sitting in front of a computer and e- mailing you .I don’t know if you remember me, but your telephone reading in April of this year (2009) had such a massive impact on my life, the effect of which was huge and totally life changing .I have completed Reiki course 1and 2 since we spoke and I feel such a sense of gratitude for being nudged in this direction. You gave me hope at a time when everything felt so bleak and my life turned around from that point .I am not pretending everything has gone easily, change is rarely easy, but Diane it was clearly so necessary for me to make these profound changes and all I had to do was open my heart and the allow the light in. Please accept the most heartfelt of heartfelt thanks and please feel free to include this on your site. If anyone wanted a direct recommendation you may give them my contact number and I would be delighted to speak to them. Angels are right here, right now –how fantastic is that!
Love and So Much Gratitude
Rosie Sarabowski (Manchester)

Diane is an amazing intuitive healer. During a very troubling period, she would do 
instantaneous distant healings on my son who has ADHD and dyslexia. 
Her healings are gentle but very effective, and her loving information 
helped me to understand what was happening with my teenage son 
and how to deal with him effectively. She's truly gifted!  
Patrice, New York

This is a wholehearted recommendation regarding Diane Hall.
Diane has helped me on several occasions, and since the sessions I have seen a remarkable upswing in my health, feelings of happiness and wellbeing.
She appears to work on several levels at once, all concurrently and in an integrated method. This would include psychic advice, contact with Spirit Guides and loved ones in Spirit, life-coaching, healing and down-to-earth empathy.
My impression is that, while channelling pertinent instructions from “above”, she somehow reaches into the furthest unsorted corners of my mind and immediately “tidies” the thought patterns therein.
After speaking to Diane I always feel uplifted, happy, optimistic, loved by a higher power, in tune with the universe, and strong enough to help myself thereafter. There is constant improvement.
Diane works swiftly and efficiently, with no waste of her energies or drain on mine.
Not only does she answer the questions I know I wish to ask, but she connects with unasked questions, and long-forgotten mental blocks.
She has channelled and passed on even space-clearing advice for my home. I acted on those particular suggestions and soon after felt calmer, and got a better quality of sleep and relaxation. Not only that, but in waking hours I am much more energised. She advised regarding my working hours and methods, and the result was a substantial increase in my efficiency and earning power.
Diane is cheerful, but always has the courage of her convictions when dealing with life-changing matters.
Tammy, Liverpool

'Diane is an exceptionally intuitive and gifted individual. She is blessed with 
an amazing sense of calm, strength and is one of life's great listeners.
She continuously guides and supports others along their journey 
with much love, gentle compassion and inner wisdom. 
This is often reflected in her teachings, insightful writing and inspiring,
fun Angel workshops.
She's a genuine lady, a beautiful shining gem'

With love & Blessings
Jo Tiller, London


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