A Letter FROM a Lightworker!

Lovely Readers,
In the aftermath of the recent shootings in the US, I just wanted to take the time to share a conversation, which took place by email earlier this week, between me and a wonderful healer I’m currently mentoring. We both felt guided to share it with you, as it seemed to bring healing and perspective, something much needed at this time. Much love to all, from me, my Guides and the beautiful Angels who surround us always, as we prepare to step into a new year and a beautiful new age.

Hi Diane,
I'm having a very rough week. The shootings in CT happened only an hour away from me and I cannot shake this horrible feeling of sadness and grief. It's haunting. The energy in the school I work in is very .... What's the word ..... Intense? Heavy? I can't even put words to it. My heart center feels completely closed like I can't even penetrate it. I can't go within and I cannot connect with or even feel love. I feel cut off so to speak. I did feel the energy in my hands and feet though I feel frustrated. Thoughts are coming into my head like "what the heck am I doing" and "I'm wasting my time on this meditating and trying to connect with Angels". I'm even questioning whether angels exist. Where were they when those poor little children and the teachers were massacred? 
These thoughts are torturing me. I hope this passes and that I will soon be able to sense the angels around me again. 

Hi Lovely,
I’m so sorry to hear that you are feeling this way, and I completely understand it. It's natural to get frustrated from time to time. Just take a break until you feel better. I know it must be VERY painful to be so close to the scene of that horrible incident, and of course, all tragedies of this nature will have a profound effect on those of us who are sensitive. However, please try to stay soft. Sometimes our hearts are all we have to give. If you close your heart, what will you use to help comfort those who are grieving or in pain? As you know, Angel, hands alone can’t do this! If you harden your heart now, you will become a part of the very thing that now threatens to close it down. This kind of darkness is the very reason there are so many light-workers on Earth at this time, and right now, the world needs you to be strong. Why not try reaching out to someone who has been affected or create something in your community that helps to heal the pain for all concerned. This is the perfect opportunity to OPEN your heart!
Closing your heart will not help you to become the wonderful healer you are destined to be, one who can make a difference in the world. Every day, all over the world, there are children dying horrible deaths, sometimes even in their mother's arms. Crimes have been perpetrated against children on a massive scale, for several centuries. One of the reasons I feel so passionate about Utopia is my desire for peace on this troubled Earth. However, although it’s absolute agony to keep hearing these stories, if I had closed my heart the first time I heard about children being murdered, I would have closed it a long time ago, and the people I love and serve would have missed out on the love and healing I hope to bring to the world, as often as I am able.

Despite what I know about death and dying, it still pains me deeply that one human being can believe it's okay to end the life of another. It still hurts me that anyone ever has to die before living a full life. It hurts deeply that human beings are still so cruel to each other, and that for all our technological sophistication, we are still behaving like a bunch of dummies. My thoughts and prayers go out to every mother who has ever lost a child, every woman who has ever lost and son, or a husband to war, as well as every man who has ever lost a daughter or a wife and any parent who has ever lost the most precious gift we can ever receive from God, in war or in ‘peace’. In fact, I know there is deep pain felt by anyone who has ever lost someone they love, because I have experienced it myself, and knowing this pain is one of the things that drives me to heal the pain of others, wherever possible. But to lose a child, surely there can’t be any worse pain.

As human beings, we sometimes only realise our immense capacity for love and compassion by realising how deeply we are capable of grieving from our heart and soul. The beauty of your heart is so clear from your ability to grieve for someone you have never met and your obvious anger about this tragedy. These are some of the qualities that will soon make you a wonderful healer. But it takes courage to become all that you are, and to have the strength to keep trusting in a Divine being who sometimes seems so unjust, but actually, it’s much more complicated than that. It’s hard, yes, I know, to find that softness and faith once again, and instead of berating the Angels, who love us all so completely and unconditionally, to stand strong and call upon them to comfort and uplift those who are left here grieving. Yes, it sometimes takes formidable strength not to crumble, but to ask a God you’d prefer to scream at, to give you the strength to continue your work, so that you can become the rock that others that you need to be in these uncertain times.

Of course, I understand that the shock factor of such an event is really the thing that touches some of us so deeply and leaves us so shaken, however, for every out of control criminal who goes wild with a gun on the civilised streets of the western world, there are thousands of legal killers, who are also someone's son or daughter, loathing themselves as they go off to fight some insane war in which they will murder children in far off locations, where perhaps it will not be quite so shocking. And NONE of it is okay!!

At times, I have felt so much grieving for what we could all become on this beautiful planet, I have wanted to scream. But something stops me from feeding that energy and makes me notice something beautiful about the human spirit instead. Something like this conversation we’re having now, that reminds me of all our beauty and goodness. This human species, at its heart, will always know how to love and how to grieve. Nothing will ever change that. We will always know how to love. We should try to remember that sometimes. Everything else changes but love does not!
I hope one day we will all come to our senses and stop all this madness, ALL of it, all around the world. I hope that one day, the governments of the world will disarm, globally, multilaterally, and completely;  and say, ‘Okay, let’s agree to put an end to war, once and for all, because look at what we’re teaching our young people about the right way to behave. We are all responsible and it must stop.’
Yes, Angel, we are all responsible and it must stop. Every time we close our hearts, we are responsible, and it must stop.

Sending you much, MUCH love and wishing your heart a speedy recovery and a return to strength and openness. It’s a JOY to know you!

Lightness and Angel Hugs,

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