We Are The Shift!

So, here we are post-2012, experiencing a vast range of post-shift realities, while a conspiracy of silence prevents some of us from discussing 2012 at all! It's almost as if no one dares to tell the Emperor he's naked.... or is he???

Did you feel an earth-shattering shift, or not even the tiniest of pedestrian nudges? Did you feel anything even slightly more intense than the shifting you've been sifting through for the past 30 years or so, perhaps even longer? Is our metaphorical Emperor naked in your eyes or is his state of undress simply a matter of perception, contingent on our personal levels of optimism. Is he completely stark naked to some, while others see him as merely free, uninhibited, unbound and therefore open to unlimited possibilities? Is the world going to Heaven in a hand basket, dressed up in pink chiffon, or marching insanely along in fatigues, as it always has? Is there still hope in your heart and if so, how are you expressing it?

At the end of 2012, I experienced several profound shifts in consciousness, emotions and self-awareness, as well as a dramatic quickening in my ability to connect easily with my Guides and other non-physical teachers. I also noticed a few subtle changes even in the most doggedly sceptical of my friends and family. However, easy does it...  Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Many of us are still experiencing the ripples of a transformation that was seeded by these giant cosmic waves of love and yet, for many others, on the surface at least, it would seem as if all was 'business as usual' in the things of  'the real world'. Sometimes it feels as if nothing is changing on the surface of things and yet, there is undoubtedly and groundswell of evolution, gradually (hmm..slowly?) making its presence felt in the outer world. Or is it? Do you ever get impatient with it all, or do you honestly, always  feel that all is perfection, just as it is?  

I'm very grateful to have been given the opportunity in the May/June issue of Kindred Spirit Magazine, to explore some of these questions of impatience, responsibility, ascension  and evolution. Please look out for 'We Are The Shift,' and let me know what you think. It should be available in just a few days from bookshops, and major newsagents in The UK and USA, and is also available in various digital formats.

Namste All!
Thanks so much for reading :)

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