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Hi Peeps,

Thank you for the tremendous response to my Free Angel Card Readings offer. I know I’ll be answering your questions for some weeks to come! However, there is a subtle shift happening in these readings, even at this early stage, as I feel a gentle nudge from my Guides encouraging me to return to the possibility of more speaking and channelling on subjects of great import at this transitional time in our evolution. So, I must pass on the message and urge those of you who feel ready for this information, to include more questions of this nature in your requests, for the highest good of all. I’ll hand you over now to those who are clearly longing to speak through me. J))

Dearest physical friends, this is not a judgement. We respect all of your questions; we understand and wish to serve you in any way possible, yet, from where we are, it is so much easier to see what you need, in relation to what you may want! Therefore, in order to best utilise the gifts of this medium in accordance with the training and preparation she has received, please turn your focus towards the following topics:
  • How to improve my connection to the Divine or to my Guides and the Angelic Realm – please address this particular difficulty or issue I have had with this.
  • How to become better attuned with the knowing about my specific Divine purpose in this current window of time.
  • What is the most important thing I need to know at this point, for my highest learning?
  • The nature of non-physical existence :)

...and many more personalised questions related, in some way, to these or similar topics....

We love you and empathise with your tests and trials more than you can possibly know.  But we have no desire to disempower you by offering you a quick, predictive fix, if such a thing were even possible. Within a few weeks, you will be hungry for another. Therefore, we wish to teach you alignment and connection with that within you that knows the answers before you even speak and that which seeks to Guide you from a more elevated teacher/guide perspective from the Angelic Realm and the Realms of Guides and Masters... this and much, MUCH more...

Namaste Beloveds.


  1. I love the look and feel of your blog. The way you share information is really appealing. Your site looks different than average psychic and horoscope blogs out there.

  2. Great, I love the idea !!!!!

    I would like to be one of the firsts!! lol :)

    I would like to ask how do we transmute our feelings and thoughts, etc, caused by past experiences that seem to get glued to us and explode in our mind when we less expect it, mantaining without wanting our frecuency low. I would also like to hear about ascencion.

    I thank you very much

    I send you a big hug and keep on with this beautiful work, we all need it :)

    Laura Perdomo.

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely comments Peeps,
    Yuri, I'm so glad you're enjoying the blogs. I have to say though, there are lots of amazing and unique blogs and people out there these days. The times, they are a changin'... :))) Laura, that's such a GREAT question!!! I'll get it answered for you asap.
    Please look out for the video
    soon at www.youtube.com/channellinglove

    Angel Hugs

  4. I love you blog and I would love a reading by you.

  5. Hi Katheeine,

    I'm sorry I won't be doing any more Free Angel Card Readings for the time being, but if you sign up for my newsletter, you'll be one of the first to find out if I offer them again in the future. Also, have a look at the 'Readings and Mentoring' page to find out about all the other goodies on offer.

    Thanks for posting <3

  6. Hi Diane,
    I would appreciate anything you could tell me about improving my connection to the Divine and my Guides.

    Thank you,


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