Letters to Lightworkers... Free!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to remind you that you can now get a copy of Letters to Lightworkers completely free, for a limited period. I have no idea how long yet... and I'm not all that keen on the word, 'limited' either! It's all just a great big experiment! :)) I'm having fun in this Neptune in Pisces transit, learning how to go with the flow and just try stuff!! 

Things are speeding up, changing and evolving so rapidly now, we might just as well get used to a little bit of going with the flow! Or ...maaaaybe... quite a lot...actually... whatever :) Anyway... as predicted, the world is changing FAST friends, in wonderful and exciting ways...

Here' one of my favourite passages from the book: -

"Has it not been said that the world was created with love and untold universes with a song, cried sincerely from the heart of some loving being. Embrace fully your loving selves, your loving state and your genuine intent to do some good. They are what shall become the saving of you. For as you attune increasingly to that higher frequency of love, you will find more and more that all around you, little miracles of love are beginning to take place , with or without your prior planning or conscious desire for them. And in time it will be said that love created this world, and in the end it was love that saved it."
Peter Elohim

Just, fill in the form on the left to get your copy...
Love, light and Angel Hugs,


  1. Diane: My Letters to Lightworkers did not come through unless it was just pictures. That's all I got. I would love to read it.

  2. Hi Noreen,

    I've checked it out and it seems to be okay. Just email me by going to the 'Contacts' page a www.dianehallsbooks.com and I'll walk you through it!

    Angel Hugs,

  3. Hi :) I would like a free copy of the Letters to Lightworkers eBook, but I'm already subscribed to your newsletter. Should I subscribe again?

    1. Hi Erin,

      Yes, go ahead and subscribe again. It means you'll sometimes get two of the same email, but if that gets to be a problem, just unsubscribe from the first list.

      Love and Hugs,


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