Atlantis Rising!

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note about Utopia! Hehe, yes I said it....Utopia. I'll just throw that one out there, this bright, beautiful afternoon... ! Well, why shy away from the big topics here? I'm intrigued to know what people think... I mean really, REALLY think about the possibility that we can find a way to live in peace, joy and harmony, right here on Planet Earth. Dude, where’s my Golden Age???!!! I think this debate is long overdue! In fact, I think this debate is exactly what we need right now, as the perfect antidote to all the ridiculous end-times prophesies and the vacuous fear-mongering rhetoric of the drama-junkies among us. 
So where IS our long-promised Heaven on Earth?

Welcome to this new video series in which I’m currently exploring some beautiful Utopian possibilities, using the wonderful Atlantean oracle cards, created by 5th Dimensional leading light in Angelic communication, Diana Cooper. I'd love to know what you think about these ideas. How hopeful is your heart? Has your transition into the New Age been exciting or do you just feel like a lonely old light-worker fish out of water?

What are you manifesting right now, with your thoughts and expectations, about the future of humanity? Are you a creative dreamer? Or do you believe that the Law of Attraction is strictly for manifesting a bright, shiny red BMW? Well if you can picture that, you can probably picture a Heaven on Earth too. So why aren’t you doing it??? Unless, of course...  you already are... In which case... Join me!

...Or do you still believe you're the only one?? Talk to me? Post your comments below, in this loving 5th D space. 
Or just watch, enjoy and dream with me....


  1. I totally agree! I always picture an Utopian society. And i think that's where we are going! Awesome Videos, like you always do! I'm loving those Atlantean cardssss!


  2. Thanks for commenting Mau. Yes, I believe that too! Thanks for manifesting with me and all the other "dreamers." Lol!
    I know what you mean about the cards! I'm looking forward to sharing more of them!! Exciting!

  3. Diane, this is exactly IT! I love it! "What are we consciously choosing?" - Utopia or disaster (I can't remember the word you used - it was better!)
    Seems to be that choosing Utopia 'feels' like the harder option... How sad. It isn't. It is really only a choice. Yet, we choose what we believe and we believe what we see - and we see recession, negative media, greed, selfishness (need I go on). If just I/you/we demonstrate abundance, giving, loving THAT is what we will see, AND others will see. Yes Diane, thanks for reminding us of our responsibility. Love you xxx (Victoria G)

    1. I completely agree Vic! It SEEMS harder, because we're all a bit like disappointed lovers, lol... we think we can't dare to risk having our dreams dashed again, so we imagine they're somehow foolish. :)) But now IS the time to dream. This crazy meltdown we're witnessing says so! It's our meltdown and we created it so that we could build something better. OUR Utopia!! Love you too xoxox

  4. Utopia is great to think about. Every person has his own Utopia, and he should strive to get there in a singloe lifetime. ;)


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