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  1. Thank you Diane!!

    One of my questions is this: Why are we supposed to "close down" after a meditation and close connecting to our Angels and Guides. I know that we're supposed to do that, as we are protecting our energies from "outside" influences, and from taking over feelings and energies of places, people, objects, etc. It still doesn't get to me exactly why though, because we can ask the Angels for protection (thank you Angels) and we have free will to choose what we like to experience (ideally), and so we can wish for only beneficial energies to come into our own energy field.

    Maybe you could please answer me so that I can fully understand it, and not just know it because others say so, you know what I mean Diane?

  2. Absolutely!! I LOVE this question Aga!! I think this will be the first video, as it's so important! Thank you so much for raising this one with such detail and insight. Can't wait!!!! <3


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