Letters to Supernova Cluster-Buster Lightworkers!

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the delay in posting. I've been very absorbed with putting together my new book, Letters to Lightworkers, despite continuing to have a very interesting journey dealing with the intense energies still swishing around on the planet, as burst after burst of light explodes the old 3d frequency and challenges lightworkers everywhere to anchor, anchor, anchor!!! Lol. Forget about your day-to-day lives, forget about your relationships, forget window-shopping at the weekend and try, oh please try, to ignore those bizarre food-cravings...and other assorted ascension symptoms. The birthing of a new age is, what can I tell ya... intriguing! Please have a look at the info below to find out all about that lovely new book, revised, expanded and on my old friend kindle!! :)))

And just one last thing before I go, supernova, cluster-buster, lightworkers!!! As a follow-up to the Cluster-Fukushima post below...how GREAT to be able to say that Germany is phasing out nuclear power!!!! :))) Yes indeed.... the world is changing rapidly before our very eyes. Let's just hope it's love that shifts us the next time our higher, collective mind calls us to make the next most pressing changes! Thankfully the lives of the beautiful souls who took it upon themselves to wipe out centuries of human karma in the Fukushima disaster can now know that their lives have been a gift, not only because they were beautiful souls but because this loss has given birth to such a re-think. What a shame it took such a drastic loss to begin the wake-up call about nuclear power. Let's hope 'the powers that be' will step things up more quickly, and that the rest of the world hastily follows, ensuring that this is the last of these events...ever.

Such is the nature of our amazing times, that we can see such incredible changes in swift sequence. Let's get used to being amazed. But more to the point, let's get used to miracles!!!!

Letters to Lightworkers

 - A beautiful collection of inspired articles, blog-posts, poems and uplifting quotes from novelist, intuitive and channel, Diane Hall, and her Guide 
Peter Elohim -

This book is for anyone who has ever tried to deny their immense knowing and inner radiance in order to fit in.

It is for anyone who has ever wrestled with feelings of uncertainty, discomfort, oversensitivity and an all-consuming desire to make the world a better place.

It is especially for anyone who knows in their heart, despite the cynicism and 'realism' of others, that this kind of huge, evolutionary, global and lasting change is not only possible, but is happening right now on earth!

Your sensitivity as a lightworker has given you many gifts, some of which have been developed over several lifetimes in places which are almost beyond description.  Your acute empathy and your tremendous capacity to love may sometimes feel ill-fitting in a world that values steel over substance, but these are the very qualities you have brought with you into this lifetime, in order to be of the greatest service to a world that needs to be reminded of the gentle power of love. 

Your beautiful fifth dimensional gifts and talents will begin to feel like the blessings they are when you begin to understand who YOU truly are, why you are different and how to stay in your beautiful heart while turmoil seems to be erupting all around you.

The light you carry in your being, although sometimes mysterious to others, and perhaps still even to yourself, is working miracles every day, as you live, breathe, eat and sleep, inhabiting your particular corner of the earth with the elevated consciousness you constantly hold. You are a dazzling work of radiant light, and light is constantly working through you, whether you know it or not...

If you know you are here to contribute to the vast global shift and awakening currently taking place on this planet but sometimes feel lost, unsure or just tested to the max at this particular moment, welcome to a world of understanding and insight, through the magical wisdom of the right words at just the right time.

In the pages of this book you will find ways to re-connect with your inner peace, power and stillness, just by remaining open to the love and expansiveness encoded within these poetic and inspiring messages.

The first part of the book is filled with entertaining essays and articles, which are partly earthy and humorous and partly inspired (through mediumship), as Diane and Peter work together to shed light on the challenges of our shifting times, from both a human and a fifth dimensional perspective.

The second part contains messages channelled directly from Peter Elohim, who offers visionary views of life beyond 2012, deeply sacred but non-denominational prayers and meditational insights...

A gift to the many lightworkers who are currently adding their loving frequency to the evolution of humanity at this time and a comprehensive guide to shining your light while shift happens...

Please click on the Letters to Lightworkers pic on the right, to find out more...

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