Those who are very sensitive to energies are perhaps wondering why there was such a weird heaviness suddenly appearing at the end of last week, building over the weekend and seemingly dispersing over the last 24 hours or so. Please don’t worry; it’s all just more global, energetic, emotional cleansing as our hearts go out to all those who have transitioned in recent weeks and our energies go out towards lightening the load, regarding the dark energy precipitated by the anti-loving nature of radiation.
Just know that there will be times when our efforts as light-workers will involve all kinds of cleansing methodologies, for which we have volunteered on the inner planes, at the levels of higher consciousness, but of which we might be completely unaware at a conscious level. And in all of our contributions, those in the finer dimensions work with us constantly to amplify our efforts and to ensure that we achieve our aims. Please know, also, that as this particular burst of our clean-up campaign comes to a close...for the time being... we should utilise fully, the many possibilities for self-cleansing available to us...
Salt baths are particularly recommended at this time (energetically speaking) because of the peculiar nature of the energy we have been clearing and its tendency to get ‘under the skin’. I have been experiencing it as a slow, sticky energy that makes it tricky to think clearly or to feel as sharp as I might like to. It has also been (how can I put it) a MAJOR downer at times. Still, away it goes, at least for a week or so, and tonight I’ve got an extra-special salt-soak planned with incense burning and maybe Master Choa Kok Sui's beautiful Om chants ringing around my home. That ought to do it... otherwise, I’ll have to bring out the big guys. Lol. Please feel free to share your energy-clearing experiences and tips with us here so we can continue to bring the radiance back into our hearts and our surroundings.
There are also several ways we can clear our energies by giving attention to the workings of the physical body....diet, certain forms of exercise and purification etc.  I know that many of my lovely soul family of light-workers have been drawn to working in this way recently and this message is for all of us and for all in the human family who may or may not feel as we do but who work with us, nevertheless. There is not one person on earth who does not play a part, not one who is above or below another and in the end, even out of the darkness, comes light ...yes indeed. So, just as the antics of political leaders of recent years, and the banking system in general, have sparked wave after wave of societal questioning (also playing a part, by default, insisting with their unscrupulous behaviour that we begin to demand better for ourselves and our children) perhaps this current disaster should lead us to ask, whatever happened to the search for clean energy and the idea of properly subsidised research into the true and potentially beneficent power of the universal energy all around us.??
Neptune’s arrival in Pisces (another momentous energetic adjustment to make) should help to quell some of the angry tantrums of Uranus in Aries. My guides are pointing out to me that their recommendation for us, under this beautiful, watery influence is to be extra mindful of the power of all things that flow freely and are not easy to quantify. We should also recognise one of these very powerful transits as a potent force for softening and mitigating the tumultuous effects of the other.
In other words, the energy of positive, dreamy, loving intention should stream out from us ...and from the benevolent, universal forces surrounding us...(Neptune in Pisces) to combat the energetic effects of heat, disruption and sudden angry eruptions of radiation (Uranus in Aries)much more easily now... Love should flow out more effortlessly now, to heal the energy of war and domination, water should be consumed profusely to combat the effects of fire and dehydration, those who have this resource should charge their water with Reiki symbols before drinking, so that this ancient, nebulous means of shaping energies for the betterment of all might be used to combat the effects of manipulating energy for destructive means... in other words, nuclear power.  Those who don’t have this resource could simply pray over their water or set the intention of charging it with love, so that love’s mysterious quality might soothe our fiery hearts and remind us all that this is a love revolution we are creating and nothing else will be as loving or as lasting.
Rest and meditate when you need to, and drink deep from the well-spring of love that you surely now know ...truly surrounds you. Then come back to your place in this beautiful evolution-revolution, refreshed and renewed.
So we begin to see the possibilities for our own self-salve-ation, drawn out clearly, as always, in the stars – those constant markers of our potential progress as evolving beings here on earth.
However, I’m not an astrologer; I am as always, just allowing the sweet whisperings from my precious guides to influence my ramblings and to bring to you, in joy and gratitude for this very special work, whatever you need to continue on, precious light-workers...
Love, light, peace to all, from me and from all who reach out to you, through me, in love-light consciousness, from the beloved hereafter...    J

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