Be a Place-Holder for Paradise

It is not easy. It never was going to be easy to endure or to observe the changes mother nature insists are necessary in order to bring the world back into balance, back into its true vibrational resonance. Many of us are deeply shocked and feeling great sorrow for everyone who is left behind to mourn those lost in recent catastrophic natural disasters and those who are struggling to pick up the pieces of their lives in the aftermath.
I felt compelled this morning to deliver this message of hope, to light-workers everywhere and my deepest wish is to also pay proper respects and send out prayers of healing and petitions for Angelic comfort to the people of Japan while doing so. Please join me in this and, as always, multiply our intent by doing so. Thank you. It is done.
The world is changing rapidly now. The earth is readjusting itself, the old is hanging on by its grubby, grabby little fingernails, the literal, physical polar shift of the planet is taking place almost before our very eyes and those who thought they held power are beginning to witness true power perhaps for the first time ever. The power of the inevitable realignment of the earth and its inhabitants with God consciousness; divine consciousness; correct, magnetic energetic frequency; remembrance of what we are; re-connection with source; our embodiment of light, creator consciousness, Atlantian and Lemurian  society, the garden of eden,  cosmic re-alignment, mass evolution, remembering  paradise, Summer 1967...lol. You choose. There are so many beautiful metaphors and possible ways of describing what is taking place all around us, right now, and yet many still do not believe we are witnessing anything particularly extraordinary in spiritual or evolutionary terms.
Even many precious lightworkers are labouring under the unfortunate and disillusioned misunderstanding that other forces are somehow winning, beating us into submission and laughing all the way to the bank. It is NOT so. The NATURAL order is on the home stretch now. The natural, loving order...is in charge now. Not one being who lives breathes, walks or talks, even the most magnificently aligned and inspired channel can begin to anticipate what comes next. There is no current frame of conscious experiential reference for it. It’s quite literally mind-blowing. But all are celebrated and applauded for our great courage, faith, prescience in following the light and inner guidance of love, without question and for the love of all great loves: the higher call to loving service that has brought us all to this point.
I can only marvel now at the journeys and the weaving and the twisting turns of the paths of myself and other soul-family light-workers particular over the last year or so. We certainly stepped up!! Invisible, underground warriors, keepers of the flame, trusting in the sense of our seemingly senseless behaviours, I and your unseen Angelic companions love you so.
The following short inspired message came streaming into my mind this morning almost as one sentence, one thought. Peace and deepest gratitude, once again to my guide and precious (ever-patient) friend Peter Elohim for this special message. Love, peace and big hugs to all.
“Be a placeholder for a forgotten paradise. Be a marker and a maker of peace, loving kindness and Divine longing. Place THAT flag in the ground. And when the madness stops, you will be like an archived seed from the first innocent rose, planting your precious roots in renewed old soil, with great care. Hold on!!! Your time IS coming!! Your time is here.”

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