Constant to a Dream

Well, it’s a couple of days after Valentine’s day and the inhabitants of the finer dimensions are “appealing for calm”, as this year in particular has seen much violence. Not only as rigid structures in our political and global systems continue to crumble but as relationships are also suddenly revealed for what they truly are and also begin to disintegrate, if built on false premises.
So what’s to be done... for the faithful lovers, the spiritual warriors with one foot in the fifth dimension, who understand that the destiny of humanity is to learn unconditional, universal love but who nevertheless long for the touch of the one infinite and perfect love who will show them the mirroring of their infinite  perfected selves...the twin flame. Well, as you know, I feel as restless as the world is at this time when I find myself swimming in clichés J and indeed there is not much else to be said on the subject, for those who have been patient for some time and have pored over every possible book, website, video and every other avenue of scrummy twin flame investigation, finding only empty promises manifesting in the day to day reality of their lives.
Those who have now chosen to wait might feel, on some level, that they are being cheated somehow. The rest of the loved-up world drifts happily by, while they remain foolishly constant to a dream. And yet, at some point, regardless of whether or not you accept the twin flame paradigm, at some point in your evolution, something in your soul will cry out NO! No more now. I am waiting for ‘the one’ and none else will do... if I have to wait forever.
Let us remember, though, that our current path of evolution, by its very nature also relies on us all remaining constant to a dream.  We are being called to keep passionately in mind and heart, a reality we cannot yet see, hear, feel or touch in a tangible way, and yet we still believe in it. We have no choice!! Because we know that somewhere in our believing, somewhere along the dreaming way, we create a place where dreams and reality become blurred in definition. So we continue to dream, not knowing for sure whether we are just up to our ears in idealistic madness or true revolutionaries of heart and mind. And then, one day... just when we have forgotten how to say which is which: which is the dreamer and which is the dream; which is the real, and which...the unseen...all at once it ceases to matter...
Here is an excerpt from, Constant to a Dream, a very long and rambling poem I suspect I’m still far from completing. Even though we are now at forty pages, I still haven’t been given the word that it’s time to close the book on it, so to speak. Please enjoy friends. Remember that we are never alone. Keep the faith, let there be peace in your hearts and above all things, let the love around and inside you continue to grow you ...and observe all the things in your life that grow out of love... see how they flourish...throughout the year. Namaste friends...

And .....
What other thought is this?
Oh common sense, be damned for life!!
How am I so bereft of bliss
Yet reaching for your kill-joy knife?!
Oh, human frailty, how so brave
Are you to trespass on this stream?
This buoyant, cataclysmic wave
That should drown out your grisly theme!

I have no time for your bleak thesis
Nothing moves when moving pleases
Sense and reason all at once
They make the brightest heart a dunce
They are the ones who stand and wait
Yet serve in nothing truly great
The worthless watchers at the door
When Romes are burning by the score

Abounding of the spirit sight
Resounding through the ageless night
This is the arrow that must fly
From all restriction by and by
Oh yes, it’s this that holds the sway
This is the truth, the life, the way
Beyond the veil, outside the line
All out of sense and out of mind
The rock that brings the faster fuels
These tumbled stones and precious jewels
The tinkle, tinkle, little bell of
Michael, Gabe and Raphael
And Uriel (who never shouts)
His hand is moving all about
It’s in a whisper or a whiff
That travels in through other gifts
Another sense than simple holding
Seeing, smelling, touching, folding
Hear them carried on a sigh
That whispers through the heart from high
And from within and all around
These gentle-natured bells resound
Oh yes it takes a trusting soul
Who is devoid of grasp and hold
Who is prepared to trust and see
The sense that comes so senselessly
Oh, yes, oh yes that’s how they roll
These mighty brothers swathed in gold
And if the heart is pure and true
They lean a little closer too
Oh come, oh come, sweet friends of light
For I am ready for this flight
Yes, I am one and all with you
Come check me thorough, check me through
Come take a look, my goose is cooked!
You’ll never more be overlooked.
Oh clean my heart, sweet gentle God
And welcome me into thy grace
For one more whiff of that sweet sod
Those humours from the summer place


It’s Micheal now who comes, sweet soul
We heard your cry; it was well told
Yet what now will tomorrow send
When you are tested once again
You will refute us, words will rend!
Oh how we love our human friends.
And will, unceasing, every way
Although you’ll see this very day
Your nature does your truth distress
Not once, not twice, not thrice, but guess
How many doubts you might confess
To any score, I’ll answer yes
This many times you will deny
But you will see us by and by
Oh yes, you’ll find us ...if you try

For even Peter sits here now
And watches over all who rise
And even if the cock should crow
He is the rock, the road, the prize
For that sweet soul has paid the price
Of loving lost in search of sense
And safety of the body fence
That heart-betrayer, hard and dense
And in the end ...he left it thence

And so I say, across the line
This ever WILL be, for all time
We’re always knocking at your door
For you are ours and we are yours
This ancient, ever-loving stream
Of Heaven’s mind and rapture’s cream
Whose god-light rays on ancient reams
As weight of gold and words still clean
Are seldom heard and rarer seen
Between their earth-discoloured seams
The master’s all whose loving theme
Might guide this shoal of sleepy bream
The lotus-blossomed, waking Prince
The Mecca-beckoned, thus-come-since
The moon-struck huntress and her gleam
The living, loving Nazarene
The holy, holy, precious flame
The golden: stolen, turned and tamed
The Angel host, the elfin queen
The Goddess/God who waits to wean
The lasting arms on which you lean
This humble, superhuman team
Is always and has ever been

ForEVER constant to a dream...

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