How to Make Pancakes for the Soul

Something I’ve wanted to address for quite some time now is some of the peculiar attitudes I’ve encountered over the past few years in relation the many wondrous and varied healing modalities we have at our disposal.  We are so, so very blessed that at every point in our evolution and transition, if we should experience a physical, emotional or psychic discomfort of any kind, Mother/Father/ God/Nature/The Universe finds us a cure.
So why do we keep doing that human thing of negating and criticizing some of these tools, when they all serve a purpose and fill a different need at each stage of our journey. While totally respecting everyone’s view on any given healing and personal transformation modality, my heart is bursting to say something, to remind us all that this is, once again, just a calling from the lower mind to dissolve every good thing into the murky waters of conflict and separation. We know in our hearts that whatever path we choose, it is US, our most inspired selves, who are doing the healing…or rather, the Divine Universal Prana, chi, ki, Divine Consciousness/God that makes up the individual and collective spirit of what we appear to be. Whatever we might choose to call it, in any given moment, it is working through us, regardless, in order to reveal itself at some point, in its purest and most exalted state, THROUGH the use of whichever modality we choose. Whether we use NLP to dissolve the beliefs that prevent us from knowing, at the level of mentality, that we are God, or use Reiki to strengthen our energetic field so that we will develop a stronger ‘knowing’ at the soul level or scream until our heads almost fall off so that our hearts can unravel centuries of pain, as we slowing come to love ourselves and remember that the heart is the place of perfect love and not a safe harbor for affliction! Smile!!!
So recently, I began to explore a therapy, which had fascinated me for quite some time and after  studying part one of this modality’s teachings, I felt satisfied that I had discovered enough for the time being to suit my needs at present. So I decided not to go any further with those particular studies. However, I was surprised at some of the reactions I received when I shared some of my excitement about Theta, and saw the relief expressed by some of my friends that I’d decided not to take these studies any further.  I was so puzzled by these reactions and have since heard all sorts of things said about the therapy and the people who are drawn to it. Yet, every one of the practitioners and friends I met on my own, personal Theta journey were very special people and true beings of loving light.
If you have eggs, milk, flour, buttermilk and spices whipped up in a bowl, the chances are, you’ll be able to make some really nice pancakes. If someone comes along and decides to add a horrible amount of lemon so the batter curdles…and someone else adds so much salt it makes your tongue burn and someone else adds water and makes the whole thing a bland old sorry mess, does that mean that the original mix wouldn’t have made a great bunch of pancakes…in the right hands!!! With the right consciousness!!
Once again, trust that everything you need for your greatest, deepest healing, everything your heart, soul and spirit need to get you through this somewhat irritating transition into 5thdimensional consciousness and being, already exists somewhere on one of the many different planes of manifestation and everything you need will be brought to you at just the right time in, just the right way and you will gain from it exactly what you need. So add your own spices, find that perfect pinch of salt, chocolate chips…why not!!! And ladle out your loving sustenance with just the perfect dollop of finesse.
This weekend, I was horribly misunderstood for something I said, which was completely misinterpreted and I had to deal with not only feeling horrible about being misrepresented but also in pain about the idea that I might have upset someone. What did I do? After a night of torment, I let it go because I know what’s in my heart, I trust it and so does everyone I love. They feel it!!
  • Trust what you feel and know what you know!!!
  • You are whole and complete
  • Trust yourself! Know that none of this is real and try not to take offence
  • This is YOUR journey. No one else can walk it
  • You will always be the best at being you! Love what that is and listen to it.
  • Study ALWAYS improves the mind/heart/soul even if sometimes only by default.
  • Do not be static! Keep moving. Keep trying things! Keep learning! You never know where your next great lesson will appear or when your next greatest message will awaken before you in golden ink.
  • Open your mind, trust your heart!
  • Be excellent to each other!!! (Lol!)
So basically, on the subject of choosing your vehicles for healing, explore! Chances are that if you are firmly on the ascension path, at some point your old ‘stuff’ will get stirred up and demand that you release it from its absurd little word-wang and become the Divine being that you are!!
At some level, we created our stuff and thankfully, we have also created the cure….both individually and collectively. There are no good guys and bad guys here, just a lot of violence flying around in the general, psychic field, waiting to get exorcised so that we can begin to see the beauty and truth of who we really are. We are all responsible for all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly and the truly beautiful and transcendent!
A world of wonder awaits at the end of this journey and a multitude of Angels even now sing a song of YOUR name, welcoming you home to yourself…. Without judgment! And the truth about how to make pancakes is that … for you, there’s only one way!! Your way!!



  1. As a pancake officianado myself, I particularly appreciated this post! I tend not to let anyone add anything to my batter when I'm in the kitchen- I suppose I'm a bit totalitarian about the pancake process. I do like talking about life with others when I make pancakes, however....
    Keep up the good work and and keep people with lemon away from your batter!

  2. Pancake officionado! Lol. Looking forward to hearing what's in this closely-guarded recipe!
    Thanks for connecting.


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