The Power of the Heart

I’m smiling as I begin this blog because it touches a very deep chord within me and I’m sure many of you will also resonate with it. Almost immediately after writing my first blog in this series, I began to get into a slight panic about what on earth I was going to write in the next one. After the Light-worker’s Prayer, I just didn’t feel as if there was much more I wanted to say but there was a blog now! And a blog had to be filled didn’t it? A blog had to be logging SOMETHING, didn’t it? Of course, there were things I wanted to write about, tons of things I wanted to share, but there was just no real flow in any of them; they just weren’t in my heart. They were all in my head! There was so much I wanted to say about so many hot topics of the day. So much crazy stuff was happening ‘out there’, surely there was stuff that needed to be said about it all….now!! But somehow, nothing was moving me to open up a new word document, and even when I forced myself to, somehow the fingers just wouldn’t move across the keys. Every time I thought of something that seemed important to say, I just froze up inside and somehow couldn’t feel the inspired voices in my head that always helped me to find a beautiful way to say what needed to be said. So I asked my guides, “What’s going on? Why haven’t I ‘got’ something?”
And the reply I received was something like this…”Why do you need it now? Why is quantity so important to you? Does giving a lot have to mean …producing a lot? What if that one prayer could heal a thousand hearts? What would you choose to write now?” I was stumped! But surely, I needed to have a few things lined up, at least so I’d know there was going to be….something there on a regular basis!!!
“And what if that one prayer, the one which was destined to heal a thousand hearts, was the only thing you ever communicated, what then?” I thought for a minute. Surely the whole point of all of this was to create something that was meaningful and of benefit, so who was I to judge what that might be, how much of it might appear on a page… and when. But it was still baffling. Surely my guides weren’t actually saying that there WOULD only ever be one message on this blog!! Suddenly, the word “attachment” was there again, hovering in the air like a hungry gull, waiting to suck away my usual enthusiasm and the unbridled joy I customarily felt at racing my fingers over the keyboard, imagining I was like Mozart, only with words instead of notes. And now I understand what it all means. So here is a timely, seasonal light-worker message for seasoned light-workers everywhere, and just in time for the Winter Solstice/Christmas period; with all of its potential swings and roundabouts; joys and tears; tantrums and tensions or, perhaps (for those who have been preparing for a utopia for some decades now…) peace, perfect peace…
The quality of who we are and our loving soul’s intent to become more loving is surely the greatest gift we can ever give to the world, and it is what we choose to do from THAT consciousness, every day, in every waking moment that marks us out as true beings of love-light consciousness, whether we give that gift through a smile; a kind word; a choice to love instead of react, or the simple gift of being able to truly touch another human being’s heart, in just the right moment, in a way that makes them instantly remember that they too are full of loving light…. Yes, there is indeed a time to stand up and be counted, a time to be heard, a time to fight for what is right and to expose the imbalances and injustices taking place all around us. And there is also a time to remember that we are infinitely more powerful than any of the illusory tricks and traps, which might attempt to knock us off balance and tempt us to forget momentarily that we are love, and that love is the greatest power in the universe. A universe of love was created by a sequence of small, Divine sparks …of the conscious intent to become far greater THROUGH loving…and that universe of love surrounds each and every one of us right now…even when we cannot, or will not, see or feel it.
It is possible to become attached to just about anything, including ‘the struggle’ or the way in which we are being asked to serve love… yet, attachment and true inspiration do not sit well together. So let us clarify our intentions to be and to become more loving, to become love, to allow love to move through us, inspire us, show us how to change the world in a way that has lasting impact and remind us that our beautiful universe of love is tireless and bountiful. Yes, we can have most of the things our minds can dream up for us to desire …yet there is always a greater truth that shines beneath our desires and says that whatever else happens…we are love, love is the true creator of all that is meaningful and love moves in perfection!
Wishing us all a very Merry Christmas and a Hearty New Year!!!

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