Only Love is Real

This week, I’d just like to respond to a debate that was sparked by my first blog in this series, A Lightworker’s Prayer. Well, okay, it was more a question than a debate. Come to think of it, it was actually more of an implication than a question but it was there, nevertheless, just kind of ...hanging in the air between friends and asking something like this... “so....don’t you think there’s any space within the consciousness of a true lightworker for desiring and enjoying material abundance?”
So the first thing that comes to mind is that, A lightworker’s prayer is simply that, a lightworker’s, this lightworker’s prayer ...of surrender, non-attachment and the sincere desire to allow love to be the strongest motivation for everything I might achieve in this life and a statement of loving intent and deep, deep gratitude for what already is ...right NOW, rather than a request for poverty. Lol!!! Poverty is deeply unpleasant, although, admittedly, much less so when you’re surrounded by fruit trees and sunshine.
Yet, there is surely no greater wealth than knowing what you love and empowering yourself with the ability to get into a feel-good, in love with the world, loving and benevolent space. And that’s not always easy when the current system of exchange insists that money is our God and therefore those who have it are saved from a mediocre life, delivered mercifully from their ‘quiet desperation’ and handed paradise on a series of exotic, hand-painted plates while those who don’t, will have to interminably suffer sackcloth, ashes and material hell-fire and damnation. (Just going to extremes to make my point)
However, thankfully, yes, some of the most beautiful, inspired, spiritual souls on the planet are very wealthy and long may this trend continue to spread.  I would suspect that during these times of energetic shift and Divine realignment, these souls might have felt an even greater burst of altruism. There are no judgements towards those who aspire to the empowerment that wealth can offer. It’s just perhaps important to notice, once again, that only love is real and everything else IS simply demonstrating varying degrees of illusion! However, the need to suffer impoverishment in order to prove one’s goodness is also an illusion. In context, it’s actually all okay. It’s all just whatever it is!! The light of new consciousness is shining irrepressibly through the cracks of our limited, black and white understanding and transforming everything it touches, slowly illuminating all great beauty and all great injustice alike so why worry.
Trust your heart, follow your joy!!! You were put on this earth for your own specific, magical purpose and there are no contradictions in a fifth dimensional space, just love, truthful self-expression, unified consciousness, understanding and the balancing of all things. Everything can exist in harmony. The 5th dimension is simply love and love never makes us wrong! In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with wealth or striving to be wealthy or showing others how to become financially free! In fact, how can it be more correct that greed and corruption are so richly rewarded in our society while those with genuine goodness in their hearts and a deep desire to serve are constantly told that they should do what they do for free, only for the love of it! There are no “should”s in this dimension. All are free to choose but I suspect that if the world’s wealth was suddenly in the hands of those who place loving service at the top of their priorities, the world would change over night...  Oh, yes, under our current (woefully outworn and primitive) system (of exchanging things of great value for little pieces of metal and paper) in the right hands, money can spread loving feelings like wildfire!!! But the attachment ... Aye, there’s the rub!
The desperate worship of anything outside ourselves will only ever serve to impoverish us spiritually and increase the illusions of separation which encourage us to justify our cruelty towards each other.
The idea that one thing or being can have supremacy over another and that this falsely elevated position can bring satisfaction in and of itself, is as futile as the idea that if I have “financial security,” this will mean anything at all to me when I breathe my last, physical breath.
So as far as wealth goes, enjoy it if you have it. Live the life you love and be who you are at the highest, loving expression of yourself, whatever this means. But don’t be fooled into thinking that your wealth makes you ‘somebody’ or conned into thinking that poverty is a virtue. Become a shining inspiration rather than a dull and soulless aspiration or a sallow and turgid martyr. Burn brightly from INSIDE, without compromise, knowing all the while, that you could walk away at any moment if seeking your true path demanded this.
And this too: Know that you are always abundantly rich whenever your heart is light and your spirit is truly free.
Thank you for raising these inspired questions. Your responses and enquiries are such a blessing!!!
Wishing you an abundant weekend!! ;-)


  1. I'm inspired by the thoughtfulness that goes into your posts! Feeling a bit shallow over here...and hoping for a heart that is light and free! Unfortunately I think I'm too much of a brooder for that. Best to you! x,SAR

  2. Thanks Steph. Light and free sounds great!
    Brood away; just keep that
    hilarious pen moving as well!!
    Lol x


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