Sleeping Gods!

Today I sat and wondered how it would feel to be an atheist, to not have any place in my heart for any concept of a Divine being or aspect whatsoever, even one I called something like “source energy” or “The universe”. What would it feel like to just have no feeling whatsoever, of anything indescribably sublime and greater, more powerful than myself but of which I was still an essential part, despite its greatness? How would it feel not to have a sense of being metaphysically connected to every other being on this planet and in this great universe, regardless of what name I chose to give to the spaces between us? It felt a bit like trying to pretend I had never tasted chocolate ice-cream or coconut milk and cacao smoothies or trying to imagine that I’d never ever ran through the ocean with little bubbles of cool foam bursting in refreshingly enthusiastic joy all over my feet. It was like trying to imagine I’d never seen a sunset or a sunflower and didn’t know about that sudden, sunny madness that could make you gasp with irrational, awe-struck happiness... It was like trying to imagine I’d never, ever loved anyone or anything ...ever....

How would I explain the beauty of the night sky now? ...Or Van Gough or Mozart? How could I ever listen to Dr. King’s I have a dream speech and rationalise away those goose-pimples? How could I make sense of Mahalia Jackson’s heart-stirring talent or Michael Jackson’s Dangerous choreography? How could I possibly understand the power and beauty of those exquisitely paranormal and Divine models of self-expression and mastery as purely human or even scientific phenomena? (Newtonian, not quantum physics...which is, after all, constantly hinting at God and Godlike human qualities anyway, albeit through a very cold and theoretical series of baffling, cloak-and dagger-communications. Come right out and say it pepes...we created the universe WITH God and continue to do so and it scares the bejesus out of some of us!!!).
Anyway, the more I thought about it, the more curious I began to feel. In fact, I actually started to feel a bit frustrated. I was being deprived of an experience!  What does it FEEL like to be an atheist, I mused, for want of something better to do. What did you pray to? Who wrote your books and blogs for you? And where did all the love go? What would you do with it all?
‘I’ve got an idea,’ I said to God, who had been listening intently to my peculiar train of thought, ‘I’m going to spend the rest of the day pretending I don’t believe in you...just to see how it feels.’
G – Okay, yes, that sounds like fun. I’m going to try it as well. Let’s do it! For the rest of the day, I’m going to pretend I don’t believe in you...just to see how it feels!
Long pause
Me – Hmmm...now THAT doesn’t sound like SUCH a great idea... !!!!!
Long Pause
G – Hmmmmm... I know what you mean...
Long Pause
G - Back to work...?
Me –Yeah, yeah............sure.............. sure...
Well, that’s almost it for now friends.  I’m trying to stick with my determination to respect your time by keeping these communications short and snappy, even though there’s SO much more I want to say!!! Thank you for sharing this moment. I hope that whatever you believe in, whatever your God is, whether or not you choose to have one, you believe in something, anything, beyond this three dimensional awareness of yourself,  that can stir your soul into greatness and remind you of your awesome creative power. Most of all, I hope you understand that whatever you choose, you are still a work of perfection, a cellular explosion waiting to ignite, a holy rolling stone, waiting to gather momentum!  God doesn’t care if you’re an atheist. God probably completely respects your choice and admires your refusal to accept a set of doctrines and dilutions on pure here-say. I think God probably gets it!
I wonder who God would prefer to hang out with – an allegedly devout lunatic who uses God’s alleged words to create conflict, suffering and personal strife, and uphold an age-old system of human enslavement and self-doubt, or a loving atheist with a great sense of humour and a Centerpoint standing order? It’s a feeling thing, a thing that lives miles apart from a far-reaching range of descriptive possibilities, and God probably loves nothing more that a good laugh at our inability to grasp her/his/its true nature. But I’ll bet, these days, The source of all creativity and wonderful infinite choice is beginning to marvel at our burgeoning understanding!
For me, the whole God thing is a personal , visceral thing. It’s not something you can understand with your brain. It has to be alive in your heart before you can really know it. And once you know it, there’s just no way of UN-knowing it again. The idea that it and I are not separate is no longer just a theory.  God expressing itself as Diane, who is sitting here at this laptop, for the most part, unaware of a universe of paranormal activity that forms itself around her to create just one treasured, perfect moment of thought and feeling.
Experiment today, with knowing yourself as God as you go about expressing your creative impulses and your loving stirrings... just to see how it feels.    J
Dear friends, whoever you pray to and whatever your beliefs, I hope that someday soon, an undefined and unconditional quality of rousing and magnificent love will rampage through your heart and awaken you to yourself, as a little fragment of sleeping-God who is capable of shaping beautiful worlds!  Do not hang your head in doubt or cower away in the darkness, awaiting a judgement you don’t believe in!! Do not analyse your way into another angry, anti-something corner. Lift your head and heart and once again say, with Godlike force and fury...LET THERE BE LIGHT!!
Precious friends,
I truly honour the Divine in you.


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