A Light-worker’s Prayer

This prayer came to me recently as I basked in the gentle afterglow of that beautiful wave of 10.10.10 energy. I’ve noticed something very interesting since that day: A huge shift in our consciousness towards a deeper understandingof our truly Divine nature. It’s no longer just words. We are beginning to experience ourselves as little pieces of the source of all loving, creative light, this magnificent flame of unquenchable consciousness, expressing itself through these little men and women’s bodies and minds. And as I sit here now, after such a long process of cleansing and personal realignment, in what feels like the calm after the energetic storms, I am amazed at the speed and scale of the changes taking place all around us. Thank you for being patient with me. I know my communication over the past year has been a bit “random” as my daughters might say. There are some very mysterious aspects of the ascension process, as you know, and the last year or so has been a pretty intense time for many…
Another thing I have noticed recently is a reprioritisation ofwhat is truly important to us in our lives and a deeper awareness of what is purely illusory. What is it that we really need in order to feel at peace with ourselves and how do we reconcile our previous desires and ambitions with our sudden recognition of the transient nature of the things of the physical plane. Almost overnight, there seems to be a new consciousness emerging and it feels to me, suspiciously like the energy of the fifth dimension!!! Here on earth!!!!We ARE breaking through. Love is breaking through, spectacularly!!!
This new blog is born out of a frequent bathing in that consciousness;the desire to continue to share the insights and inspirations I receive and for us all to grow, learn and teach from our individual experiences and our collective process. So that we can feel our Divine connection more frequently...more constantly and awaken fully, as beautiful, centred, loving, inspired, ascended beings, leaping fearlessly into a golden age of enlightenment with our hearts ablaze and our feet on solid ground.
In that spirit, I have created this space for us to share our transitioning experiences and our journeys. Please leave your comments, ask me anything, tell me anything.I have been to so many beautiful places and tried so many things in order to become a consciousness who is able to bring back the gems I hope to share with you in this space.  I never stop asking questions and I am constantly learning. I hope you are as avid a student as I am because this is, in the end, the way we will all become true masters!  Please share this prayer freely, but also mention and share this link with anyone else who might enjoy this blog.

Love, light and peace

A Light-worker’s Prayer
Great Spirit, Divine loving light,
If I can walk with your song in my heart everyday; if you guide my steps constantly; if you speak to me in the stillness, clearly and with strength and I often choose to listen. If I can find a way to love you, to serve you, to heal and uplift those you send to me for this purpose, if my children are fulfilled and happy and walk with you and your Angels constantly. If I always have food and drink from your plants, trees and rain and I can always grow and bless the earth as they do: naturally; according to your will and the laws of nature. If I can soothe the hearts of the world-weary, by allowing you to rush, unhindered, through these walking words, my open heart and these burning hands. If I can stand aside as you reach out to lead them gently back into your care; You who needs no name but has many; You – the Divine, all-knowing, infinitely loving centre of each bright soul. If I always have a safe and comfortable place to sleep at night and sunshine on my face by day, reminding me of your warmth and those gentle, loving rays that bless me constantly through the cold. If I can examine my heart, with kindly eyes and say, with honour that I have loved you with every inch of my being and sought you constantly. If you are suddenly revealed to me again and again in new and enriching ways, touching my every breath with the true miracles that come just from knowing and loving the fiery heart of you… then my life will be well lived and my job well done.
Divine, loving light, teach me to be humble when my ambitions and plans tempt me to stray from your sweetness. Help me to understand that nothing is more precious than your love and I will allow it into my heart whenever I am humble enough to know that I am only human and courageous enough to remember that I am Divine.
Because nothing else is real except the love that flows through this heart from the infinite source of all loving light and creation, yet, even this limitless love needs attention. Like the fruits of the abundant vine, passing through time, it comes to nothing if it is not harvested respectfully and shared abundantly.
Help me to always be mindful of love with a heart-full of love and to remember that love heals all, saves all, cures all, moves all and in the end is all… Teach me to surrender all things to a  higher and higher love.
And if I can find one thing on this earth so sweet as this love, then I will cling to it as I cling to you. And if just one lover exists who understands and shares my love for you or whose embrace touches me in the deepest parts of my soul,those that only you have ever reached before, then maybe, I will fall in love.
Until then, and happily, ever after, I am swimming in love, bathing in love and truly falling into love. You fill me up and I am a channel, a vessel for the Divine truth of true love.
Great Spirit, Father/Mother/Lover-God, do not let me be shaken by criticism or praise. Let me remember often, to step fully into my true light, away from the deceptions and seductions of the mind.Whatever comes and goes, let me shine steadily in each moment, knowing that only love is infinite and everlasting. Help me to walk my path in full faith, even when I fear my life might look absurd to others. Help me to expect and see the best in others and to be as open to receiving love as I am to giving love.
Help me to go within to find what truly matters, to rise above the seemingly disastrous and teach others to do the same, seeing wisdom in everything and resisting the temptation to fall into despair. Or to constantly seek the advice of others, knowing all the while that all great counsel comes from within…from the heart you’ve made your home, in just an instant.
Help me to trust. Teach me to surrender. Make me kinder, wiser, stronger. Strengthen my faith, love, hope and charity - and, yes, the greatest of these is love - and I will share this love, simply with my willingness to let it flow through me, without attachment to where it goes or who it touches because attachment is not love.Love is its own sweet thing, for its own sweet name’s sake, flowing through all other things, with a unconditional kiss, like an unrehearsed song.
Bright loving light, expose me when I am hiding away in fear or indulging in false modesty. Great Spirit, move me and show me when to rise up and step up and when to be still and find the heart of my life, letting all else pass away. Let me feel the certainty of the flow of your loving direction, daily. Teach me how to bend with it and stop the struggle I sometimes have with life. Love does not struggle.
Help me to use my co-creative power, to create things of beauty that benefit the ALL. Help me to find theexquisiteness within the depths of my soul that inspires me to create things of great beauty, simply for the joy of creating things of great beauty. Help me to co-create my life with love, from love, FOR love, to create more love and to express love in everything knowing all the time that nothing comes from me, only through me on the crest of that same sacred wave, which IS love.
And if all this is not enough, then you will show me the way to do more and I will try to follow you in full faith. Yet you and I will always belong to each other, one way or another, just as the leaves belong to the tree and even as they fall, they nurture the soil in which it stands. It always was and ever shall be.I am your flowering and your birth. You are my centre, my trunk on this earth. Love is the constant, watering stream.
The living, loving,wandering gleam
Stillness: the rock over which it flows.
And peace is the path and the seed that we sow

Deep in my heart, Mother, Father, Loving Light, I already know who and what I am. Help me to know it more, to be it now and to live, love and express it ALL for love’s sake, shining my light, living my truth and inevitably serving my purpose, whenever I am serving love.

Divine, loving spirit within, wherever we lead me, let there always be hot showers and scented soap, merry souls, good books and occasionally, yes…roses.


  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderfully uplifting space inside your heart my friend.

    You are beautiful in every way and I am feeling very blessed to know you.Warmth and love to you always.
    Namaste Diane

  2. Lovely language my friend...It sure beats my Catholic school Hail Mary's...I really love the line about "false modesty"...Pride is the downfall of us all. The balance between confidence and arrogance...always a struggle! xo


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