I wonder what would happen if we stopped trying to define God.
I wonder what might happen if we let go of all our preconceptions and just let God be.
I wonder whether God listens when we waffle... 
Or whether he/she/it just gets on with hearing us ...the way God does...
Through feeling our hearts... not even through telepathy...just through knowing us..
I wonder whether God laughs at our strangeness
The strangeness that makes us think we have to talk to God, that God doesn't already
feel us hear us, see right through us...
I wonder what God makes of it all...
This tendency we have to see ourselves as separate and believe that, that God 'out there' somewhere can somehow be tricked by our fiendish wiliness...
And I smile...
And maybe God smiles too...

There is a purer, truer truth than this
That calls us ever on into its range
A truth beyond what we believe exists
And all the ways we’ve dreamed it far and strange
And all the ways contrived by book or pen
By lazy thought and manufactured game
By reckless-worded fantasy or yen...
It lives its own sweet mystery just the same
And pulls us ever forward through some skies
Away from all deception, foam and fizz
With innocent and optimistic eyes
To see it ...just as IT might dream it is...

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