New Moon & Chinese New Year Angel Hug!

 Hi Everyone,

For today and for this coming weekend, I'm feeling the electrical, magical energy of Sun in Aquarius, as we also begin the Chinese New Year with a New Moon in that sign, and feel our imaginations crackle into the energy of instant innovation! As I write this message, I can feel the energy of all those Aquarians who came to make a difference in the world and who set out to do so in their own, unique and original ways - Oprah Winfrey, Bob Marley, Yoko Ono, Mozart, Lewis Carroll, Thomas Edison and Copernicus - to name just a few! I am also being reminded that Aquarius is both the sign of the humanitarian, and of this beautiful, new golden age, so while the sun is lighting up this energy, it's a good time to increase our prayers for world peace and all of our Utopian light-worker visualisations. It's time to give a thought to the collective..

On a more individual, personal note, I shuffled the cards while asking for a message for the weekend. I asked, "How can we best use our creativity in constructing our ideal lives of service and joy this weekend" (a suggestion from one of my guides). The card I received was "Imagine",  another beautiful card  from the Magical Unicorns Oracle, and the title of a song that follows me around and speaks to me almost constantly at the moment!

So this weekend, it's time to begin to imagine, in very clear terms - in pictures and structured scenes - exactly how we would like our lives to look in the future. After all, how can we hope to build something if we're not clear about what it is we're hoping to build! We need to have a compelling picture of how we want our lives and our planet to look in the future, and our task for this weekend is to develop that picture in very certain terms so that when the time comes to act, we'll know which actions are worth taking and which are not. An exciting and powerful new moon says it's time to know for sure, which dreams to light up and infuse with our electrical, creative impulses. Time to let the New Year begin in earnest! Happy 'Year of the Horse', Everyone! Let your imagination and your spirit run free!

Lovely Peeps, I didn't want to leave you with just one card for the whole weekend, even though our brief is already very powerful and clear. So I shuffled again and asked "What is it that prevents so many of us from knowing (or admitting) what our true path is?" 

The card I received was "Brothers and Sisters" So my sense is that even if these are not literal brothers and sisters, there are people in our lives whose judgement we fear or who we feel have certain expectations of us. So this is the time to check within our consciousness and make sure we know how to silence those unhelpful voices in our heads, those false ideas we have about the unspoken expectations of others.  Other people are very rarely thinking what we think they're thinking, (except in the case of the lovely telepathic peeps among us!) so it's time to release those energetic bonds we create within ourselves, which keep us stuck in small thinking, and keep only the bonds of love in place. There was never a better time to finally learn how to be true to ourselves. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I hope you emerge as a fully inspired, quirky new and perfect YOU!

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds.." 

Bob Marley, Redemption Song

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