2014 - A Year of Loving Transformation

Stop what you are doing. At some point during this precious new season, stop what you are doing, go outside and stare at the beauty and wonder of the vast evening sky. Marvel at how far you have come and remember that this time you are passing through is just a breath, a sigh and a whisper in eternity. Remember that you yourself were once a breath, a sigh and a whisper in the mind of God, a moment of sweetness and love from the heart of creation. That precious breath of love is all around you now, and always was, and always will be. What was the intention of your creator when first this breath was drawn? Was it a wish, a desire that you would spread this love? Was it a hope that you would become hope itself. Think about how precious every moment of your life is. See this sweetness in all things and all beings and you will know something of this love, the love that your Divine creator has for you. 
As you step boldly into this coming year, know that time has not stood still, that there is no time, only love, only this loving breath, and in every moment that you choose to breathe it, you will be one with all that you are. This sacred moment lives on and on and on, through all things at all times. What will you create with it? Know this: not one thing you create was not born from this love, and all that does not appear to be love at this time is just another moment, waiting to re-discover love,  and the possibility that IT is love. All beings perceive themselves as either with or without love and their deeds and misdeeds are based purely upon this principle, that either they are choosing and seeing this love or they are not. In the end as in the beginning, all things can come to love and be returned to a more vast array of loving expressions. And this is the nature of life: to choose the greatest expression within yourself which might show love to yourself and to others. This is what is meant by completion. This is where we understand the one-ness, the connectedness of all things and this is where there is the greatest dignity, freedom and life. 

Happy New Year friends of the earth, friends of love and life, and friends love has yet to meet. Not one of you is a stranger to love. Love waits for you now. Love is knocking. Can you hear it? We are one and all with you and you are one and all. Namaste. Welcome 2014 - a year of loving transformation. 

Peter Elohim
Through Diane Hall


  1. So much Love and Light to you ~ Divine Diane and to Peter! This is truly the year of loving transformation! Happy Happy New Year! May you have a most prosperous and blessed 2014 and beyond! Blessings and Love, Tori-Angel <3

  2. Thank You!!!! The same to you! Happy New Year Tori-Angel. Wishing you a year filled with infinite blessings of peace, love, joy and everything you wish for yourself!! Love and big angel hugs<3

  3. Diane and other Lovely Beings of Light - thank you for these words of Love. This resonates so deeply that it can only be felt. Love Love Love. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    Happy New Year 2014 to you Dear Diane and to All that is Love!!!! Aga

    1. Dearest Aga, Magical, Angelic One! Thank you and Happy New Year to you too! Also, thank you for feeling the love. This one came through me in a rush and I couldn't wait to share it. I so appreciate your responses and your resonance with these words. Love and beautiful big 2014 wishes to you and your love <3 Keep spreading it far and wide! <3


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