Christmas Gift Certificate - Special Offer!

Hello lovely friends. Some of you will know that I'm currently putting energy into my healing and therapy practice now that I'm finally re-settled in London, and in just a few short months, there has been some encouraging progress. 

However, Christmas seems to be the perfect time to put even more energy into this aspect of my work, what with all the energy-clearing, pampering and loving guidance that's often needed at this time of year! So, this year, my own unique brand of special-gift-making-TLC will arrive in the form of a lovely, big 20% off my Angelic pampering package.  

See the gift certificate above for details, and if you're in the London area or have friends in London who deserve to be thoroughly spoiled or just de-compressed after the Christmas rush, the offer runs until January 31st! 

Regular Price - £50 - Christmas Price -£40

Other Treatments:

60 Minute Energy-Clearing Sessions on Skype - £55
90 Minutes of Aromatherapy - Extreme Self-Care - £75

Reiki Facial - 60 Minutes of rejuvenating back, neck, shoulder and facial massage, interspersed with Reiki - for radiance, regeneration and relaxation.

Just click here to email me and I'll send you a payment link to order your certificate, which I'll post either to you or your friend as soon as I receive your booking. 
Ladies Only.

Remember, you can ask for any of these treatments to be included on your gift certificate or just choose the 
standard 60 minute session. 

Or just ask about booking a treatment for yourself! 
Please click here to visit my healing website for 
more information.

"Sometimes you know when you just walk into a room that magic will happen there. Some people have that eloquence of touch that is able to transport into a world where all aches, pains and any trivial considerations are simply lifted away as warm, connected hands soothe you into a beautifully calm and relaxed place. If the whole world felt this every day it would be a very different place. Diane Hall is one of those extremely gifted people who has the magically ability to do this, whether through a massage, Healing Session or Reading. Thank you very much for making me feel better and even more grounded Diane xxx"
Emily Jane Love, London

"Diane is an amazing intuitive healer. During a very troubling period, she would do instantaneous distant healings on my son who has ADHD and dyslexia. Her healings are gentle but very effective, and her loving information helped me to understand what was happening with my teenage son and how to deal with him effectively. She's truly gifted!" 
Patrice, New York

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