December Focus

Today I thought I'd select some cards for the month of December, to give us all an idea of where we might put our focus in the weeks ahead and during the Christmas season.  The first card I chose was, once again, our old favourite, 'Sensitivity'. Then just as I was beginning to wonder what sort of Christmas we might expect if we were to once again have our attention drawn towards our increasing openness, at a time when the 3D world can seem either intensely beautiful, intensely challenging or just intensely intense - even for the most insensitive among us. So I chose another card asking, "What is the best way for us to deal with our sensitivity over the coming weeks, and the card I selected was "Lighten Up"! Once I'd finished chuckling to myself at the Universe's mysteriously mischievous sense of humour, I chose one more card under the pretext of "Is there anything else we need to know?" The card I picked was, "Steady Progress".

So this month, Lovely Peeps, it's going to be a time to embrace our sensitivity, in all its many forms, for the glorious gift it is and regardless of the bizarre situations we find ourselves in, to try our hardest to see the humour in everything, just as this unfathomable Universe constantly does, if we could only see it...this Divine comedy!

Once again, the "Lighten Up" message also seems to carry with it a reminder to keep our energy clear and to remember that it's possible to feel clearer and brighter by using lighter forms of release. Laughter, fun evenings out, dancing, singing, walks by the ocean and spending time with loved ones who bring out our most playful side; those who appreciate us not just for our wisdom and insight, but also for our sense of fun!

Finally, as this year comes to a close, we are reminded to notice how much progress we have made in terms of our lives, our evolution and our work, and to congratulate ourselves on the forward momentum that sees us continuing to make steady progress now, year after year. No one ever said evolution was an overnight thing...at least, not always :)) and Rome certainly wasn't built in a day ...so Utopia might also take a bit of a while.

Whatever you'll be celebrating this holiday season and whoever you'll be celebrating it with, Happy, HAPPY Holidays, beautiful friends.


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