November Focus!

Today I meditated on choosing 2 Angel Cards from the lovely
Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue, that would give us a focus
for the month of November. The cards I picked were, Sensitivity and
Clairaudience. This finely tuned combination tells me that November
will be a month in which we will all be able to connect and hear
those precious Divine and intuitive nudges much more clearly.

How exciting!

Accessing Higher Consciousness

Most of us who wish to access increasingly higher states of
awareness will know that over the past few months there has been a
lot of planetary and collective clearing going on! Occasionally,
there has been a slightly muddy energy around and, as always, lots
of shifts and changes of mood and tempo. Sometimes all this
turbulence has made connecting and meditating with our usual
ease...well, not so easy! I feel very blessed to be doing this
work, and now more so than ever, as it has forced me to keep up
with all my regular spiritual practices, even when things seemed a
bit soupy. Thankfully, I have been repaid for my persistence with
countless breakthroughs and as a result, I'm now more certain than
ever that persistence is the key in Spiritual and psychic
development of every description. So, call upon the Angels often
and ask them to remove whatever prevents you from tuning in
properly and frequently. Things are about to get even more

Divine Inspirations!

Regarding our emotions, dreams, desires and the setting of
intentions, for some there may have been powerful glimpses of a
beautiful future, mingled in among those niggling reminders of our
old worn-out ways of being. In the month ahead, it's time to use
our sensitivity to once again, access those higher states of
awareness, listening for new levels of inspiration and artistic
expression, as well as the clear practical guidance of our friends
in Spirit and in The Angelic Realm.

Have a lovely November,  everyone: Let me know if there's anything you'd like to
 learn or discuss regarding, opening up and tuning in, or reaching  deeper levels 
of connection and communication.

Much love till we speak again,

...and of course, Angel Hugs,


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