Behind the Illusion... It's Magic!

Gosh! It seems almost ridiculous that several months have passed since my last blog! I don't understand it. I can't really explain it. Yes, I have been intricately engrossed in a multitude of projects, distractions and life-changing circumstances in recent months, but I'm also pretty convinced that time itself is now not only speeding up but sometimes dancing, running and playing with us in a very peculiar way! Things are changing so rapidly now that even my life-changes have changes of their own! I sometimes change my mind several times within the course of an hour, and at the end of each day I am once again firmly resolute on the subject of nothing in particular. NEVER has there been a better time to learn how to go with the flow.
On the subject of change, it seems that we are constantly being promised 'change' by those deemed to be in control of our destiny, while all the time, true change is unmistakably bubbling away under the surface of the spin-cycle!  Somethin's cookin' in the kitchen!

The changes taking place inside us and in our lives may at times seem so rapid and relentless  that it's almost inconceivable that so much of the 'real' world appears to be unchanged.  But change is absolutely happening under the surface. Bright, beautiful spirit-led, people-honed, delicious change is bubbling away like a quiet, quantum cauldron, waiting to erupt with magic at a sudden unexpected moment of cosmic cacophony!

Yes folks, that's what it is - our intention to bring good, positive change to the Earth, and our unfailing belief that change can and will happen in our lifetime... It's magic! And we, therefore, are magicians, and, as I said to one of my lovely clients earlier today,  "I know it's hard when your life doesn't seem to make sense by other people's standards, but maybe it's just not meant to ...yet...or ever...! Magicians are extraordinary people; how the heck can we be expected to have ordinary lives!!!" 

These times are shifting so quickly, and the energetic universe is so fascinating, we need new language and new frames of reference for our experience. The more we can just go with the flow, the better things will be for us in the long run. But we're human, darn it!! And sometimes we do have to grimace and scream and clutch the wheel  a little tighter when the ride is too fast and furious. And then there will be times when we can just cruise along, enjoying the scenery, smiling serenely, noticing that all is actually very well in the world, and that the things that were always beautiful and eternal...like love and trees...still are...

Recently, I meditated, in preparation for writing a magazine feature on the subject of lightworkers and the tricky subject of money! During this meditation, I was greeted unexpectedly by a master magician. It was he who opened my eyes to this whole magical thinking thing, as I grappled with some of the inequalities in life: the confusing elements of our existence, the sense of unfairness in the economic situation of so many lightworkers...  

His words to me were something like this: "Try not to judge things so harshly. A good magician knows that all things are equal."

So, all things being equal - although I'm still not totally convinced yet - I have to admit that life is just flying in the most incredible way since I reigned in some of my judgments and began to see things more evenly.-  It's fascinating stuff. I'm learning how to see Utopia through the haze... I'm learning not to see the haze so much, and when I do... I'm learning how to not see the haze as any more powerful than the Utopia... The mists may cover Shangri-la but they can never hide its existence from those who see it, as clear as day!

I'm always fascinated by the gifts I receive from my precious Heavenly friends....And, I've still got lots of questions!!!!! 

I'll let you know when that feature comes out...
Angel Hugs will be back next week!! Yayy!!!
Hugs, Lovely Peeps :))

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