Easter Angel Hug!

Hi Everyone. Happy Easter! Well, I know I've been very quiet recently, continuing the work on my special project and  stripping away the layers behind the scenes, step by step, coming to the highest and truest expression I can possibly embody. I'm sure the same is also true for many of my lovely readers and video viewers out there, and I know it's certainly the case for my amazing students and clients. Since the beginning of the year, the incredible new high frequencies showering the earth have brought us wave after wave of revelation, release and inspiration, mixed in with some great tests of faith and conviction. It really is time to be who we came here to be, continually raising the vibration of the planet by committing daily to the quest for our truest truth. 

So, here at this powerful time of intense astrology, paradigm shifts, growing pains, angelic sightings, karmic recollections, parallel insights and multidimensional awakenings, I thought I'd see what our guides and angels have to offer to shed even more light on this week's intense cosmic line-up with its equally intense insistence on altered consciousness. 

The first card I chose  was Archangel Uriel, a card which reminds us of the ongoing importance of healing any emotions preventing us from stepping onto our true path. For a short while, it might even be necessary to make a regular practice of asking ourselves, just how exactly did we get 'stuck' or lose faith in the most obvious and clear path, the one that's threaded through our bones and calls out to be expressed if we would ever feel whole and complete, bursting with the blessing of a life of joy and celebration.  This is a reminder that the more we ask for help in releasing any karmic barriers or faulty understandings about ourselves, the more we become able to quickly release these untruths and forgive everything that is not resonating with a purer and more expansive quality of love. When are prepared to be this honest with ourselves, no matter what it means, we can often begin to see the wealth of inner and outer resources that will enable us to fully embrace the truth that's been staring us in the face all along. 
 The second card I chose was Omega, the card of victory. This is a reminder that wherever we are in our lives, whatever we think we can or can't do, it is never too late to achieve a victory. Archangel Michael has just said, quite loudly in my ear "NEVER too late" and his words are strongly echoed by the Lords of Karma, so it's probably a good idea to listen. It's time to begin again, no matter what we perceive ourselves to have "failed at" in the past. The opportunities are here NOW!
 The final card I was given was, Celeste. This tells me that for many of us, there will be encouraging news very soon, but only as long as we continue to empower ourselves by applying ourselves consistently to releasing, right thinking and inspired ACTION - or at the very least, focusing on the study, preparation and planning needed to carry out our plans when the energies feel more motivational than reflective. Prepare for bold moves! Our angels and guides want us to know that, yes, we can have that lovely new life, that change of address, that liberation, that new job which fits our hearts or facilitates future plans, that new energy, health, vitality or just that new faith in ourselves which enables us to commit fully and follow through on the correct path. The angels are waiting to assist us and all they need is a word, just a word. 
 Once again, Happy Easter, lovely friends. Thank you for your lovely emails, for sharing your heart's stories and for the light you bring at this amazing time. I hope this special Easter Angel Hug has been meaningful to you. 

Have a wonderful Easter! Wishing you a sacred time, whatever your beliefs, and a precious resurrection of all your hopes and dreams. Wishing you a time of reflection and release and the emergence of a new lightness of heart and mind.

Angel Hugs,


Cards: Messages from your Angels by Doreen Virtue

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