Inspired Message for Eclipse Season!

Hi Everyone, Just a few quick messages today. First of all, I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I know things are still feeling pretty intense and changeable for most of us but it's important to stay focused on the deeper implications of the inner journey we're all on. In other words, what may feel like another roller-coaster ride, another series of decision-making tensions, or yet another untimely series of revelations, is actually a beautiful and sacred inner journey towards a truer, and more refined personal truth. The squeeze may not always be enjoyable, but the juice will most certainly be a treat, I'm sure of it. 

By now, there's a flavour in the air, a yummy taste of things to come! When it comes to letting go of ideas and things we may have outgrown, it might not always be easy to listen to those deeper inner truths and act on them immediately but what we are learning, in spite of ourselves, is worth more than gold in terms of our personal evolution and self- awareness in the long term. Divine Timing is also always working in absolute perfection. 

At times like these, it's important for us all to remember that we are always learning something, and what we learn at times like these is what we're truly made of. Yet, we need to translate this message into its most loving and enlightened meaning. Be gentle with yourselves, lovely peeps. You are made of love, and this includes self-love. This is my personal message for us all this week. Be gentle and loving towards yourself, no matter what, and notice everything! 

Continuing on the subject of change and transformation, on Tuesday, May 6th, I'll be giving my very first talk! Ever! I'm actually surprised to find myself looking forward to it so much!!! I'll be talking about guides and their importance in our lives, and if there's time, I'll also be sharing some of my own experiences of connection. If you manage to get there, it would be lovely to see you and if I don't cover the things you're really curious about, feel free to come and say hi afterwards and have a quick chat. Just click here to find out more... (Please note the change of date, from May 5th to  
May 12th - due to tube strikes)

Have a lovely gentle week, everyone.

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