Spiritual Awakenings and Upgrades!

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As I may have mentioned in my last newsletter,  I was asked, earlier this year,  by my lovely friends Liz Dean and Jayne Wallace, to write a short passage about my experience of spiritual awakenings and upgrades, for their book,  44 Ways to Talk to Your Angels. I was so honoured to be asked to write something for this beautiful book, and even writing about these experiences felt like another mini-awakening in itself. It brought me to a place of such deep gratitude, as I realised how blessed I am to have had these experiences and a glimpse of the precious creative and spiritual gifts they bring.

So, before I leave you with the passage, I just want to say thank you for all of your love and listening, your sharing and reading of my work and for giving me a reason to be here expressing these truths in this way. I am so eternally grateful for your input, and hope you will continue to enjoy the reassurance and inspiration to be found in the mystery of this ever-expanding non-physical universe of love.  I highly recommend this lovely book, which is just packed with ways to increase your ability to connect with the angels and ask for help in every area of your life.  Enjoy..

I know my guides and angels are taking me to the next level when I suddenly start craving high frequency foods - fruit, vegetables, juices, smoothies, usually for a period of a few weeks (or even months when it's a big upgrade). It's like a period of preparation. I also start drinking lots of water, which I suddenly feel guided to bless. Then, sure enough, within a few weeks, the words start coming in, long passages of text just float into my mind while I'm doing the washing up or just as I'm waking up in the morning, and the communication with my guides and angels becomes clearer than ever. Once the inspiration tap is on, passages of prose, poetry and songs are just swimming around in my mind all day; I can see and feel them all around me in the ethers, and I feel myself being guided so strongly in almost every area of life. My crown feels lit up and the angels start speaking to me constantly in signs, numbers, songs and phrases. It's almost like becoming completely 5th dimensional for a while. It's as if all of this potential has always been there, but it suddenly intensifies dramatically. The 3D world starts to feel weird, and there's often a sudden intense ringing in my ears and head, so I start to actually behave a bit weirdly as well, mid sentence, but this bit doesn't usually last.

I often wake up knowing I've been to other dimensions to study, or travelling around giving healing or teaching, and waking up feeling exhausted is something I've had to get used to. I've found that by working with my 5D team, I can find solutions to most of the disruptions caused by the upgrades. For example, I know how to energetically fill myself up in the morning so I can still do my work, even when I wake up exhausted. I also find that when the inspiration is coming thick and fast I need to meditate more so I can ground myself and keep my energy clear enough to allow the process to flow. It's also nice to stay in communication with my guides and angels to keep the love, inspiration and guidance flowing with more intention and clarity. Sometimes new guides start to appear, bringing more ideas or lifting the work into their higher frequency, and despite any temporary intensity, the bliss from connecting with these beautiful beings always outweighs any disruption. Diane Hall

Excerpt from 44 Ways to Talk to Your Angels by Liz Dean and Jayne Wallace.

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