The Little Book of Daily Guidance

The Little Book of Daily Guidance CoverThe Little Book of Daily Guidance is due out in July, and I am so excited about this! If you've been receiving my daily messages through my newsletter or occasionally finding them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, you'll understand why! It has made me so happy to write and share these messages in recent months, and I've been even more happy to discover that they are slowly reaching more people and seem to be making a difference. These are incredible times we're living in, and in these times of awakening and constant, rapid evolution, it's such a privilege for me to be able to offer this little book, as a way of allowing the wisdom and guidance that comes through, from my guides, to be with you throughout each day.

The book contains messages that came partially through me and partially from me, as my guides and I explored ways of remaining hopeful, productive and positive during times when, more than ever before, we are all being asked to live at a higher level of alignment with our truest creative truth, open our hearts to love, and allow our love to transform the world we live in. The book is filled with the usual inspirational turns of phrase that come lovingly from the influence of the precious guides, angels and masters I feel so blessed to have around me, but in small bite sized pieces - daily messages to keep us all in a loving, inspired and hopeful vibration.

We have also explored, from a 5th dimensional perspective, some of the divination and healing systems we love. There are influences from the I Ching, the tarot, shamanism; angelic wisdom and healing; literature; The Bible, and archetypal impressions from the collective unconscious that just seem to be eternally and universally hovering on the periphery of consciousness.

The writing of this book has been an awakening within in itself! I hope it will do the same for you, if this is your higher will, and I hope you'll love reading it as much as I have loved receiving and honing it.

Thanks for reading!       

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