Nature Prayer for Land, Sea and Sky

This prayer was given to me by one of my guides this morning. Please feel free to use it, every day if possible. Share freely. 

First of all, think of something you love about the Earth.. It might be the sight of a vast ocean or the way the earth, twigs and trees smell in a rainy forest. Or the sight of giant, foamy blue/white waves crashing against the rocks, or a powerful and mighty river rushing over smooth stones on a crisp, autumn morning, or a sunset in a tropical paradise. Or the great rocky mountains, the tall and majestic redwood trees, the vast blue mountains, the grand canyon, the powerful sound of a loud thunderstorm or heavy tropical rain. The way a flower looks when it is being kissed by the dew, the scent of fragrant honeysuckle, or the feel of strong, clean red earth in your hands. 

Think of a time you have felt most blessed by the natural world, and hold this picture in your heart until it is overflowing with love and reverence. Then offer this prayer:

Great Spirit, Father of the Earth, sea and sky, Protector of the land, and the waters that make her fertile, stand with us now, as we walk the earth with love in our hearts, in reverence for your many creations. 

Clean and protect the running waters, put reverence and love into the hearts of the greedy, put courage into the hearts of those who protect these lands and waters. Intervene, and work with us to prevent the abominations that pollute the earth. Put smiles on the face of the children and put power into the hands and hearts of those who walk the good red road with integrity and love. Great Spirit, we cannot do this alone. We are your children and we need your help to protect this precious earth and all those who live upon her and drink her waters. Bring a miracle, and help us to protect the course of humanity upon this sacred earth walk. Let us come together to multiply all your most beautiful creations with love and honouring. All are one, and all..my relations.

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